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    Post Trading time policies and extended medical leaves

    Can anyone enlighten me on what other departments do regarding trading time for firefighters off work for indefinite periods, out of benefit time, out of family leave time, and financially strapped? What are the pitfalls and advantages of working for the firefighter during a temporary absence? What's been your experiences?


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    My Dept has about 70 guys on shift (23 each) we've had something bad happen on average once a year. Our most recent is a Cpt that had a heart attack and surgery off duty. 40 yrs old, in great shape, BOOM! He'll be back in a couple of weeks, was out for 8 wks. I personally had my shifts covered for 7 weeks after my wife had a stroke after our son was born.
    Basically, a friend of the guy/gal who needs time will post a list and keep track of who covers what day. We'll break it into 12 hr blocks if that's all somebody can do. Nobody expects the days back, just that you would do the same for them. The Chiefs only ask that the proper trade forms get filled out. Any time not filled is charged to the member's sick bank.
    This is one thing that really sets my Dept. apart. We just had a guy whose 2 yr old got diagnosed with cancer-we had him covered for a month before his kid got out of surgery.
    The only qualifier is this-don't burn your sick time needlessly. Everybody knows who does-one guy with 20 yrs has 3 days-I don't think too many of us would rush out to work for him.
    I've got lots of other instances too, if you need more info ask.

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