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    Just curious. What is the highest paid FD or FPD that you know of, and what is their top pay (annual salary) minus OT or other fringe benefits. I'm researching and comparing to our area for several reasons. Thanks.

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    Pizan Guest


    In northern Illinois the average Top pay for FF/Medic is $54,000-65,000. That is the average to the highest end that I know of.

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    rchildress Guest


    I work for a 36man department. The average firefighter pay is 36,000+ 3000 from the state after 400 hours of training. A firefighter/paramedic is around 46,000. I will make approx 50,000 after July 2002. I work directly across from Cincinnati and I believe that there average for a firefighter is approx 45,000. Cincinnati's salaries are available on their website.

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    JBingo18 Guest


    Firefighter at top step; 65,000 base salary.
    Not including OT, 42 hour work week.
    5 years to reach top step.
    I think that is average for departments in Northern NJ.

    NJ/FMBA is good.
    Go NY Yankees!!!!

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    iaff1937 Guest


    You might want to check out some departments in California. I know that Fremont, CA and San Jose, CA are among some of the highest paid departments in the country. Also, try Milpitas, CA (not sure of the spelling). But the best way to find out is pick up a copy of firehouse's national run survey, it has salary ranges for the top paying jobs out there.

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    Dalmatian90 Guest


    When you're looking at salaries, also keep in mind the "cost of living" varies dramatically around the country.

    Check out a Cost of Living calculator like

    For instance, to own the same size house, car, feed the family, etc costs 68% more in San Jose, CA than Austin, TX. Just moving from the Sacremento, CA area to San Jose would require a 25% pay raise just to keep the same standard of living!

    So someone making $40,000 in Austin actually can afford more/bigger things than someone making $60,000 in San Jose!

    One possible benifit, though, is retirement. Social Security bennies are calculated on your earnings -- so a higher salary from a high cost area gives you a bigger benifit. Naturally same thing with a "defined benifit" plan like most FD Pensions -- if you retire with say 80% of your pay, it's a lot more if you retire with 80% of 60,000 v. 80% of 40,000. In the private sector, 401k contributions are limited to a percentage of your pay -- earn more in a high cost area, you can contribute more dollars. So if you retire from a high cost area and move to a low cost area where your money goes further, you could be in real good shape!


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    aktormedic Guest


    berkely, ca - FF/P - 68,000 start

    San Francisco FF/P - 72-78,000 start

    oakland ca FF/P - 70,000 start

    San jose FF/P - 58,000 start

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    snowball Guest


    Thank you Dalmation 90, so many of the FD's
    East of the Western U.S. think that because you are from California, you automatically
    show up to work in a Mercedes. I'm not gonna
    bore you with our statistics here but we are
    about 40% below the average at our dept.
    I did see an announcement for a FF/P in
    Culver City that went from $5500 to $6500
    a month. About $3000 more than I drag in.
    I could cry about this all night, I'm just happy to be doin' what I'm doin' C-Ya

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    15hoseman Guest


    DCFD starts at 32400, no time and a half for OT under 112h/2wks (42h/wk schedule). No add'l pay for paramedic, b/c we don't have ff/ps. Long time to top step (10+years?) is low 50's. I don't know it b/c i plan on getting promoted before then. DC 36% cheaper than San Jose (I'd need about $10k less than they start at to have and 'equivalent' salary) DC 19% more expensive than Austin.

    How much do you make compared to the police?

    We're 8% behind and falling fast.

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