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    PA Volunteer Guest


    Yep, that's right, I'm a volunteer and I know this is a career/paid forum. So sue me ... or better yet, take it out of my pay ... oh, that's right, you can't, I don't get paid. Now, to the point, I just wanted to share how good it feels to know that a paid FF - someone who is PAID to protect life and property - feels that's what insurance is for. I'm sure glad that all FF's don't think that way - paid or volunteer. As for paid guys volunteering, do you really think that a volunteer is taking someone's job??? NO!!! The powers that be have already proven that they don't add more FF's, they just expect the current FF's to do more w/ less!!! It ain't rocket science!!! I love my job (not firefighting) and I love volunteering. Besides, if all the volunteers in the world were to simply pack up their gear, knowledge, and training and go home, no one would have a job anywhere because the entire country would be impoverished because the gov't would tax us to death (assuming they're not already). So, to all the other volunteers out there ... THANK YOU!!! And to the paid guys out there who also volunteer ... THANK YOU!!!

    Regardless of our differences ... STAY SAFE.

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    CFD14 Guest


    tkrzm. What LAW are you referring to? Federal, State, or Local Government? Or are you referring to an IAFF Law? In case you don't know, Kansas is a "Right To Work" State, (Thank God) and you do not have to be in a union to get a job. I am fairly positive that WGH's dept. is Non-union, didn't see any reference to IAFF on their web site.

    WGH, good to see another Kansan on the forums!

    Bishop10, nice reply to CanMan24. At least he's man enough to put in his profile where he is from and e-mail address. Nobody can check on you to see if you really are a "twenty" year FF. Go figure.

    There are going to be differences all across this beautiful country. Be open minded. Back to the original question. First impressions are not always correct, but if an officer gives you an order, you can probably tell right away if he knows what the heck he is doing. As long as you lose the preconcieved notions that all vollie officers are "drunks" and all career firefighters are "Gods", you'll get along fine at the incident.

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    CanMan24 Guest


    Well, well, well.......Mr. Bishop!! Call me what you wish, it is no skin off of my nose. Yeah, I am young, but have gotten some pretty good experiences. FYI, I have only been in the FD 8 years less than you, so I really don't see that to be an issue. As far as your "SCAB" question. Yes, a career man volunteering in my career house would be considered a "SCAB" but I refrain from "name calling and throwing stones". And as far as me caring about my job? I love this job, wouldn't do anything other I just don't feel the need to explain to any of you idiots and back-stabbers why I volunteer after I am done at the end of my paid tour, or how my career department feels about it. I do it because I LOVE IT, bottom line. And like I said before.....If a select few of you don't like what some us firefighters in this great Nation do after the pay-check, so be it......Go join your local knitting club and bitch about something else, maybe there you can start your own knitting Union and bitch to people who want to hear your worthless thoughts!! So old man Bishop.....Go sit back down in your recliner and take a chill pill, or have yourself another drink to ease some of your pain. "We do this so others may live" and because WE LOVE IT!!!! BuhBye!!

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    WGH Guest



    For one thing it's WGH, not WHG. I did not say I volunteer on my days off. If I make a call on my days off I get paid. That is not up to me. If I could make the call and not get paid for it on my days off then I would. That's how much I LOVE the fire services. I'm just lucky enough to get paid for something I LOVE to do. We are a small town and on major calls I can return and help out. So I AM NOT A SCAB. Maybe you are!

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    WGH Guest



    It's also good to see another Kansan close to home. Nice article.

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    macsen Guest


    Originally posted by CFD14:
    tkrzm. What LAW are you referring to? Federal, State, or Local Government.
    FWIW, the law that prevents a firefighter from volunteering in his own department (or more accurately, volunteering to do the same work normally paid to do by the same employer) is the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (see also the "Garcia Decision").

    If you are a regular employee, you can't "volunteer" to work the same job for the same employer -- you must be compensated either in overtime pay or compensatory time off.

    So if you are a paid firefighter in a combination department, it is illegal for you also to be a volunteer in that department.

    8 years fire captain
    20 years fire service
    BS Fire Science
    Past Volunteer

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    Bishop10 Guest



    CFD14, apparently you went to my profile to check on me. That is commendable, that is exactly why I don't put things into that profile or any other profile on line. Basically, too many sick people out there. Believe me or not, it is up to you.

    As for Canman, you "refrain" from name calling??? Look at what you have written lately. It is totally laced with name calling. Do yourself a favor, grow up and act responsibliy. Kid, to get a point across you have to back things up with facts and just not yell, scream and stamp your feet.

    And as for PA Volunteer, insurance is a great thing. If someone does not have it they are idiots! I could care less if my house burned, that is why I have insurance. I would have it whether I lived in a vollie community or a career community. I made that comment as a citizen not a firefighter.

    Can, you never did answer my question about your family........Is it because you never really thought about it? If that is the case, no problem. As someone else stated, I care about my family and there well being. Being a vollie isn't going to give them a pension or put food on the table if something happens. I could care less if you vollie, so be it. But if your lose benefits on your job, or they don't hire new guys because the volunteers say they can cover the spots (have seen that happen many times) and you were too busy with you volunteer position to help your local, don't come crying in here.

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    CanMan24 Guest


    Bishop....Say what you want, it makes no difference to me. You're actually funny because we can't tell if you are a "young punk" who thinks his **** doesn't stink, or actually a "true" veteran.....Keep saying what you want....MY FAMILY MEANS EVERYTHING TO ME!!! And FYI, the volunteer department I ride at has funding for LODD and to fund the families of injured firefighters. Any other questions I can answer please feel free to E-mail me, at least I list mine!!

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    dr inferno Guest


    Canman24: Bishop is a real firefighter and a smart man to not post his place of residence or employment so as his opinions stay his not that of his municipality or employer. As for your comment of "go and sit in your recliner" tend to make think that you are not a career firefighter as thats the attitude presented by those who don't work in a career house.

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    CanMan24 Guest


    Dr. Inferno,

    Please DO give me the definition of a "REAL" firefighter. Is there a difference between a "real" and a "fake" firefighter? I know what I do for a living, and I know that I do it WELL, so I am not going to justify my comments to anyone! I stand behind my beliefs and my practices 100% and don't give a fat rat's *** what any of the ney sayers think or feel on here. My view of some of the people on here are that they are VERY negative! I started my career as a volunteer, and eventually became paid, and will continue to do so for as long as I see fit! I can't fathom the idea of some of you career men on here just had the idea of firefighting just fall into their laps one day and said "Ghee, I want to be a fireman" Most career personnel started as volunteers, at least the many that I know or work with. This topic has gotten way out of hand and has become a shooting match.....The bottom line is if a volunteer officer is qualified and fit for the position of an officer, and the need arrises to command a "career" person, and the volunteer out-ranks the "career" man then the order should be followed, no if, ands or buts!!! And if a "career" officer who is superior to the volunteer officer arrives at the event, then the volunteer obeys his/her command. It is called "Chain of Command" plain and simple!! I follow these simple rules where I work and we have no problems. I guess here we know how to play well together. I guess some will still have their opinions of why paid men/women shouldn't volunteer outside of their career, but it's what they love to do and NOONE can change their minds! "We do this so others may live.....And because WE LOVE IT"

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    tkrzm Guest


    WGH: You didn't state that you get RECALLED to duty on your days off!! You gave the impression you volunteer. Obviously you are a latecomer to this discussion if you question me on being a scab. Read my past posts if you care, I don't. How would you feel if your dept took away your off duty recall with more volunteers? What if these volunteers were career firefighters from other depts that live in your town? Would they be scabing your job???

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    tkrzm Guest


    PA Volunteer: The standard volunteer response. Cut my pay...oops, can't I'm not paid. This is all the same crap back and forth, who cares. But your post about where the fire service would be without volunteer depts, taxed to death?? NO??, Better service, YES!! Most volunteer depts near me cost almost as much as the paid depts! In my county we have more engine, ladders, and everything else than the FDNY. Every one has a heavy rescue and Ladder for about 50 runs a year. LOSAP which is a free for all cash cow with the volunteer fire service (a fox) guarding the hen house (tax dollars) what a joke. You make it sound like volunteer is for free. WRONG.

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