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    Post Mandatory exercise

    In the past three years we have had three guys forced into retirement because of heart problems. This has sparked debate about a mandatory exercise program. We are a 36man dept and under a IAFF contract with our city. I was wondering how many departments make on duty exercise a requirement? If you have a program could you describe how it works for you.

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    I am a member of IAFF local #50. Peoria IL.
    We have no required fitness program.
    We have workout equipment in all of the fire stations that was bought by the foriegn fire tax committee. This money comes from a tax on insurance agencies that sell insurance in IL but do not have a home office in IL.
    Any way the committee bought all of this equipment and purchased health club memberships for the members who wanted one.
    then they changed this to paying for a percentage of the memberships.
    It works out pretty good here and a lot of guys a in a lot better shape than before we started this program.

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    Our Dept just adopted the Wellness and Fitness initiative, Its pretty good, yearly
    medicals and physicals that are non punitive
    and the city only gets to see the doctors recommendation. In our Dept of 200, no one was found to be not fit for duty. Also the information goes into a north american database that is trying to discover why firefighters die so young.
    Also free membership in the gym of your choice. This program is being promoted by the IAFF and seems to be excellent. The only problem is that the cost of this program is very expensive, we won it in arbitration, so we can expect to see the city attempt to abandon it in the next contract negotiation

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    My Department does not have a mandatory exercise clause in the contract. We do have a fitness room at HQ with machines and free weights and we allow our firefighters to come in and work out on duty.

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    Our Department has a mandatory fitness program that requires a log to be submitted monthly. There is a fitness room with equipment and weights provided with the idea being that FF's will perform PT on shift. Usually, PT is not done due to the ever changing priorities that come done from on high and there is not enough time on shift to get it in. Some of try though.

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    While we do not have a mandatory exercise program, our administration encourages it. We are allowed an hour each shift for p/t and, being a smaller dept., we usually get to complete it with out any interruptions.
    Unfortunately, we do not have training equipment in our stations(yet), so we take our trucks and go to the city's recreation center. It works quite well. It gets us out in the public eye and the guys love to get out of the station. And, while it is not mandatory everybody participates. We know that it's not a perfect system, but we have to work with what we have available.

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    I am on a dept at the southern part of central KY. We have a mandatory on duty PT program. After morning radio and equipment checks we go to the local YMCA and go through a routine. Main thing is everyone does the same thing, illness and injury may keep some from being as fast as others. Everone has a routine and we feel that gives us an ability to try to improve as we go along.

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    Hello to all I know this posting is late compared to the other dates. Physical fitness is our responsibility. The department I work for requests that each member work out on duty or prove fitness. Is it mandatory, well they don't enforce it, it's not in the contract, they trust the shift officer to ensure it happens. Does it happen not all the time. I have a couple of older Firefighters on shift that I'm not sure know where the weight room is. At a recent training evolution they both had to sit down after a couple of interior evolutions. If your not in shape your letting your team down and the public we work for. I talked to management about the issue and they put it back on me the shift Lt. I hate to discipline brothers but what is my choice? Do you want to have worry about the people you work with going down because they can't hang? Is it right to tell someone with a few years to go to retirement that they don't measure up anymore? Perplexed I have talked to both and one is finding the weight room the other is obstinant and feels that I won't push the issue.

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