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    Question 24/48 Hour questions

    Within the next year my department will be changing over to a 24/48 hour shift and I was asked to come up with a survey in reference to hours and downtime related questions. I am sure there are more than the following questions but if you think of anything additional to the topic, feel free to add it. At the end of the day, when is your downtime and when can you "officially" be in bed? When is your uptime in the morning and can you sleep in if you had a late, long call during the night? Who is allowed to spend the night at the station? Can a traveling ff stay over? What happens if my wife kicks me out? Can I crash at the station? What is your after hours attire? That's all I can think of up to now but feel free to add any info you can think of that pertains to your situation. Please reply to my profile email and make a note if it is in your SOP's or just common knowledge. Thanks for all your help!

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    Our downtime usually starts at 1630. All that REALLY means is you can turn on the TV and relax unless there's other stuff to be done. As far as sleeping arrangements, I've heard some places say anytime after 2000 is OK. Here, as soon as it's your downtime, you can go to bed. We have off duty guys sleep here all the time. If they are going to a school and have to leave early, they'll crash here. I work part time in the local area, and if I get off late, I'll stay at the firehouse since I live 65 miles away.

    As far as "others" sleeping over, we have had guys bring in kids for "take your daughter to work day" and other things, but as far as your wife and/or girlfriend, NO!

    There is no after duty uniform here. Sleep wear has to be gym shorts and a t-shirt.

    I think you guys wil like the 24/48 once you get used to it.

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    Our "downtime" is usually any time after 1700. Downtime here means that we are able to turn on the TV or relax in the dorm rooms until our night-time station duties roll around. It is OK to go to bed after the trucks have been washed and the station is in order for the next shift, usually after 2200. Our up time in the morning is around 0630 (shift change is at 0700). As far as sleeping in, it is in theory allowed, however the on coming shift always seems to ruin that. No one but a fellow firefighter is allowed to spend the night. If we have a ride-along they have to gone by 1700. There have been occasions when fellow firefighters have spent the night due to various reasons. If what you mean by after hours attire is sleep wear, well that varies. At one of our stations each firefighter has their own dorm room so as long as you come out of your room clothed it's up to you. The other station has one big dorm room, gym shorts and t-shirts are required. We have SOP's to help in these circumstances.

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    My station always has worked 24 / 48 hours. The free time hrs begins to 08:00 if the quarter and equipment are given clean, mayoria of the personnel travels to its houses to sleep and others have extra works. The Firemen cannot travel with the uniform and must of acear themselves within the quarter. if a call emergency is received before the 08:00 hrs, it is taken care of by the personnel and the free time is reduced. If they ban to work in this schedule, think before as the extra hours were paid. He is always better to rest in house than in the quarter. While we are in the quarter in the time of rest, the officials can have us to algun great work.

    Zapopan, Jalisco Mexico

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    My dept. works 24/72 hour shifts (0800-0800)which we just started in Jan. of this year. It'll take about a month or two to get used to the change and once you do you'll wonder why you haven't done it sooner!!
    Our downtime is around 1600, and we are officially allowed to sleep 2300-0700, but, that depends what house you work in(HQ or outhouse). The same rule applies to waking up after a long night. HQ-you're up at 0700. Outhouse-you can sleep in but you dont want to be there past 0800-0830.
    After hours attire can be sweats or your station wear because thats when the workouts begin.
    As far as people staying over, I don't think so. What if they get hurt, fall down the stairs, etc?? I don't think any dept. would allow that, but I don't think any FF is going to let another FF go homeless or spend a week in a hotel is his wife kicks him out.

    One question for the 24/48 depts: Do you get OT or comp time? since the time works out to a 56/hr work week if i'm not mistaken.

    There you go. Go to 24's. You'll love them.

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    Thumbs up

    In the work of 24 hrs, the accidents by fatigue do not rise. The officials must be pending of signals of stress or fatigue and to rolar to the personnel during prolonged works.
    For EFD000. In my quarter, the working time outside 24 does not recover Hrs of guard, luckyly when we worked extra is by an extreme fire and no complaint for that reason.

    Zapopan, Jalisco Mexico

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    Prior to getting my full-time fire job, I worked a number of other full-time jobs to pay bills working the old 9-5/40hr a week and I must say, what a relief. Every day is a friday, you never (unless there's OT) have to work more than -1- day in a row, and you get two days off. Take one day of vacation and you get a total of five days off.

    As far as the other issues. Our department is pretty busy, running two medics and an engine, each medic taking 10-15 runs and the engine taking 5-10 runs. On a busy day, provided house chores/training is done, no one really cares if we are relaxing, especially the medics who are more often than not up all night. As for off-duty firefighters sleeping in quarters, that's kind of a department thing. Being a fulltime only (no part time, no volunteer) deparment, officially our SOPs say no, but as I said, thats totally up to you guys.

    FF. Mike Burnes
    Whitehall Fire Division

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    The Department I work for has both 24/48 and day work schedules. I am happy that i am on 24/48. Our shift starts at 0800, when we have our shift then app. checks, then p.t., After that we start our morning activity, which could be anything from cleaning to training, or tactical surveys, then lunch, then afternoon activity. The business day ends at 1700, at that point we may watch the t.v. or relax. some nights we have an evening drill after supper. At 1700 we may wear a T-shirt, at 2100 we can go to bed. That is the dept. standpoint, but exactly what you wear and your activities depend a degree on the individual station officer. I have taken a power nap after 1700 before. Sundays tend be lazy days, or catch up days, so you can rest or finish any monthly duties you have not had a chance to finish. Sleep attire is normally the same as p.t. attire, i.e. t-shirt and shorts or sweats. Our bunkroom is a large room, some shifts are co-ed so proper attire is a must. We have also been known to train to 1 or 2 in the morning depending if the mood strikes us. In reference to who can stay at the station, we are a combination Dept., so there are volunteers that stay quite often, and sometimes if we have a seminar to attend or another firefighter needs to leave early the next day we will stay at the station. The chiefs have allowed visiting firefighters to stay at our stations before. Sleeping in late has never been frowned upon, it all depends on whether the on coming shift has plans or they just do not give you any peace and quiet. As far as people outside the public safety world staying at the fire station that does not happen. Department s.o.g.'s are a great starting place, but how you spend you day truly depends on the shift officer.

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