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    Post Vacation/Holiday "Buyback" program

    My department is a County Fire Department with about 400 firefighter/medic/hazmat tech's etc. We are having difficulty with the configuration of 3 handed rescue engines( many of our stations are 1 BLS engine and 1 ALS Squad, staffed by 2 FF/PM's). A sister city just implemented a "buyback" for vacation and holiday bid time. They said it saved enough money from the constant staffing budget that it enabled them to staff every piece of apparatus 4 handed. Has anyone recently converted to this staffing system and if so do you have any input? We are going to propose this concept to command staff.


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    Here we get 2 winter and 2 summer furloughs. The city now allows us to sell back one furlough each season. This does seem to help with the staffing levels. It does not always work out but does help in the long run with keeping more staffing during the months when furloughs are usually high.

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