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    Question could someone please help me

    First off, I am currently a volunteer FF, but I plan to test for a paid dept this August.

    My question is; how far can you live away from the fire dept and still work there. For example, the dept I plan to test with is about 30 mins or about 20 miles away from my house. Is this acceptable?

    Also another dept I plan to test with is about 75 miles from my house. Is this acceptable?

    Any answers will be greatly appreciated.

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    It all depends on the rules in the places you are going to test at. If the have residency requirements you should be able to find them out. Our residency is covered by contract, but only pertains to whether or not you are eligible for overtime. Civil service usually requires residency, not necessarily at the time of taking the exam.

    My suggestions would be to call thge places where you are planning on testing and ask.


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    Check with the municipality you plan on testing at, most cities do have some sort of residency requirements.. you have to live within the city limits or within a certain number of miles outlining your jurisdiction. Just call the city hall you plan on testing with and they can give you their rules and requirements..good luck..

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    The other posts hit it, it all depends on where you are from. One differnce to the other posts, here in jersey if you want to be noticed as resident you must be a resident to the town you are trying for at the time of applying for the test. This seems silly to me but what can you do.

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    Residency in NJ is a pain in the @$$, but like said before if you want the job( and trust me you do want this job) you got to pay your dues.
    Find out where you want to do the job, get the area code and call their Dept. of Personnel. If you want big cities, it'll be real hard. But just keep calling 'til you get one you want and whatever you do, do not give up. It gets frustrating. Trust me, I've be there.

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    In addition to checking with the local municipality, you should also check with the fire fighters in the Department or the local Union reps if they have them. Our Borough recently tried to enforce a residency requirement through civil service that would have violated our contract. Although we fought it through an Unfair Labor Practice, we do not know how many candidates did not take the test because they thougth residency was required, when it wasn't. Good Luck!

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    The question your asking depends on the department that you work for. I started my carrier with a bigger department. That department had no living requirement because it had enough on duty members that they could handle almost anything and didn't require mandatory call-back. However, the department I work for now is a smaller department that must depend on it's off duty firefighters for a second alarm, and what have you. This city's requirement is that you must live within 10 miles of the city limits.

    This would be an excellent question to pose to a prospective department that you would like to work for.


    Good luck and happy hunting.

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    First Off I wish You Luck and Hope you get on the Job. The Municipality where you plan to work may have regulations as to residency -- I Know in my Area you have to be a resident before a company with career staff will even consider you. This kind of washes me out because moving for me wouldn't be practical just to test for a job I may not get based on Test Scores... I too am a Volunteer that has attempted testing over the years for Career Firefighting Jobs but in New Jersey at least with all the pollitics involved, I'm quite happy --- Check with the departments you are testing for and see what thier residency rules are. Some say you must be a resident to be appointed some say you can move after one year on the job yet others have stranger rules --- I wish you Luck and my sincere Congrats to all those that have tested and become Career Firefighters !!! You Deserve It.

    Stay Safe

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    Our department doesn't care where you live. Some F.F.'s live in other counties. I'd suggest you check with the department you are testing with.

    Doug Morgan
    Salt Lake County Fire

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