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    Post Station rotation and/or

    How does your dept. work station rotations, or can a guy work at the same station for his entire career?
    Do you think admin. should rotate crews or firefighters through all the stations in a dept?
    Does your dept have a station bid system for station assignments? If yes,how does it work?


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    We have a bid system. It is done by seniority. We bid every 2 years and if there are a number of retirements and/or promotions we hold an interim bid. Persons on probation either new hires or promotions are prohibited from bidding, the admin. assigns stations to them in three month blocks for evaluation to a total of 1 year.

    There have been some kinks, but overall we are very happy with it. No more getting sent to a station you don't want to be at on the whim of a ****ed off BC. Also the guys who want to be in a busy house can usually get there and the guys who have done their time and want a slow house can always get that. Once in a while a crew ends up to "green" but we have been able to work it out. If you can get a bid sysytem, get it.

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    In our department station placement is based on a "bid" system, which is a privilege. Command Staff has the ability to move personnel where they are needed. It is based on seniority and job classification(paramedic, haz mat tech, engineer, captain etc.).
    Bids open up every month, and are awarded based on seniority and classification.
    If no one bids the station/platton, then it may be assigned as needed.
    It seems to work well.
    Good luck in your quest.

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    In my dept. you are assigned to a company when you leave the training academy. After spending a year on probation you may submit a form 10. This is our form of a transfer request. If a spot is open in the company you wish to transfer to and all the proper signatures are obtained then you transfer. To answer your question, yes, someone can stay in the same station their whole career. However, if promoted, you are usually transferred out of the battalion. I do not believe that people should be rotated throughout the dept. I think that you develop better working relationships the longer you work together. With a rotation, just when you get comfortable with the crew you're working with you end up somewhere else, starting all over again. These are my opinions and may not apply to every dept.

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    We are assigned a station right out of the academy. We can stay there our whole career, or we can transfer to an open station. When we promote, 99% of the time, the promotion we are offered is not at the same station. My Lt. came out to my station, promoted to a different one, then promoted back to the first one. He has been in the department for 31 years, 28 have been at my station.

    Stay Safe

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    I agree with you 32eng, the benifit of working with the same guys everyday cannot be overstated.

    Sam Thomas, Firefighter Barstow Federal FD

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    We have no unified rotation of stations,and we should.Company officers rotate shifts every 4 months(3 shift platoon).This is great,if you're with an officer you don't see eye to eye with you only have 4 months/year with him.Station crews should be rotated at least annually because of the same problem,some guys just can't get along.I was stuck at the same station and shift for more than 6 years,I developed a sour attitude.When I was transferred I was a new man.Since then,I've been moved 3 times in 5 years(because of my promotion)and love it!You get to know the city better and a fresh group of guys/gals.The downside to relocating is street and building knowledge.The longer you stay put,the better you know your area.

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