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    Post Does your department "buy back" vacation or holidays?

    My department is looking at a buyback program for holiday and vacations. A sister city just implemented and is having good success. I posted another request earlier, but not many responses. Let's try this again.

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    Yes, our city does buy back vacation and holiday.

    One can sell up to a years worth of vacation back. We are required to keep at least a years vacation "on the books" and we max out on vavcation at 2 years so 1 years worth is the cap.

    As for Holiday time, we can sell that back at will all the way down to zero if we choose.

    The city likes it because they only pay out for the time once as opposed to paying you to take time off and recall to staff up behind you, they save time and a half so don't let them tell you it is only to the memberships benefit. Maybe get a little something to go with the buyback program, 'cause if you think about it, they are making money on the deal.

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    Yes, our city also will buy back vacation and holiday pay. Holiday pay (eight hours per)is put "on the books" and can be sold back at any time. At the employee's request, overtime can also be put on the books to be sold later.
    Vacation time (any amount)can only be sold back in November. This makes a nice Christmas Club type savings plan.

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    We get 4 furloughs a year, 2 summer and 2 winter. The city will buy back one furlough from each. The average sellback is around 85%. The firefighters like it. We however do not sellback holidays,nor would I. The city would want to pay us less for the holidays rather than what they would be worth when you worked them.

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    Our City/Department buys back vacation and sick leave only in the last year before retirement. The sick leave carries over from year to year adding two more days every year (upto 120 days) but the vacation and personal days have to be used each year or they are lost. Vacation picks are chosen at the begining of each calendar year to avoid under staffing. The personal days are floating but still need to be used by December 31st or they are lost.

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    If your Employer is constantly buying back your earned vacation/holiday time, how long will it be before they figure that they must be giving you to much to start with? I can only speak from the point of working in a Dept. that has adaquete staffing so I don't know what smaller Depts. do when they just can't let you off without dropping staffing levels beyond minimums. Maybe there could be a trade off of a little less "unuseable" vacation time for more staffing. Or better yet a pay increase, which will always count into your retirement benifits.

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