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    Lone Hunter Guest

    Post riot/responce

    OK, heres what I would like to know.What is your sog's on response during a riot.Our sog is very incomplete,talks about a task force responce,but does not say to what or in what parts of the city.

    If you have a riot do you respond as a task force to all calls? even ems? do you respond this way in all areas or just those near the trouble spots? Does everyone wear bunkers if going to a call like a dumpster fire or just the first in crew? I would prefer to stay in uniform so I could move easier.

    What about getting to work?I'm not about to drive my car alone thru a riot.Stage outside of area and carpool in maybe?

    Would like to know your sog,and anyone who has worked thru one please respond.

    Thank You.

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    Nate Marshall Guest


    One of the agencies you may want to contact is Boulder Colorado. They have a unique response to riots, usually have 3-4 of them a year near the Univesrity of Colorado Campus. These are small compared to la or what happened in Cincinnatti but its a plan that could benefiet you in case of larger riots.

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