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    Slug fd4 Guest

    Question Locker searches

    What is your policy regarding lockers in the fire house? Does the employer have a right to inspect/search your locker at any time? I have heard that even though the department owns the locker, if I own the lock, they cannot open it without my permission. Also, are there policies of what can and cannot be in your locker,such as certain types of pictures etc..

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    firemandougie Guest


    We don't have a formal policy, however, you've brought up something our department should write a policy on.

    Doug Morgan

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    Hammerhead338 Guest


    When remolded our second station the fire chief kept 1 of the 2 keys to our locker, he said told us that since it belonged to the city they had the right to use the key any time when they thought they had a problem. Of course we through a fit but it didn't help the problem. The fire chief left soon after and the acting chief gave us the second key.

    If they want to search the locker they will do it in our presents.


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    FireLt1951 Guest


    The policy here is that the locker is city property and the locker itself is inside a building that belongs to the city. They have the right to inspect the locker if there is probable cause that illegal goods are contained therein. The search must be done in your presence along with a union rep. It has never happened, so it has never been challenged in a court of law to ascertain whether it is legal or not.

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    ArmyTruckCompany Guest


    This post brings up an interesting memory from High School.......Way back when.....(wow!!!) There was a problem in my HS....The Administration took it upon themselves to search certain lockers, with the student present. One day I was called for (still have no idea to this day why me...) to be present while my locker was searched. They opened it, looked, took things out, rummaged through books, etc etc.....But when they started to open my duffel bag, (had nothing to hide, I was just being a smartass...) I immediately stopped them. I told them that unless if they had a search warrant, to put the bag down. The asst. principle's face turned 10 shades of red, the security guard smiled (almost started laughing because as a retired cop he knew I was right..) and the disciplinarian tried to educate me "as to the error of my attitude..." They said if I didnt let them search my bag, they would call my parents.....My reply was "Let me dial the phone....."

    My bag remained unsearched. My parents were called, arguments were tried by the disciplinarian with my mother, lost with my mother, and I lived happily ever after. They tried to give me detention, but mom educated them "in the error of their attitude."

    Something to think about.

    "Loyalty above all else, except honor."

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    EMT THOMAS Guest



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    4iron Guest


    We have no policy regarding this matter.It shouldn't be an issue.If you bring something to work and put it in a that is questionable,you're an idiot!I've worked too hard to get my job to open myself up for a stupid locker search.When in doubt to questionable items,leave it at home!!Sometimes we're are own worst enemies.The only guys/gals that even lock their lockers here,are the ones operating food/soda kitties and have department cash in them.

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    NozzleHog Guest


    I must be missing something here. Who wants to search your lockers and why?
    Do they suspect someone of drug use? Without "probable cause" it would be an illegal search and any evidence would not only be inadmissable in court but would also taint any other evidence (pee-test) that might be gathered as a result. Or is it some "PC" issue like one FF being "offended" by girlie mag pictures in another's locker? (They shouldn't be looking in there anyway.)
    To their credit, my job has never done that, maybe they have better sense.

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    Billy Mott Guest


    In my Dept. this search can include anything on City property. Yes, even the vehicle you come to work in, and it does not matter that it might not be yours. They figure that you are responsible for anything that YOU bring onto the property, or adjacent to. It has yet happen but as 4iron sez, you work long and hard to get this job, so why be stupid. Of course there has to be a reason and Union Representation is guaranteed under the FireFighters Bill of Rights. As for pictures, nothing that is considered Pornographic, Racially or Ethnicilly sensitive,(sorry I can't spell)blah,blah,blah, is allowed in you locker.

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    Squadman911 Guest


    Here's an idea people.....If there's nothing in your locker that can get you into trouble, why worry !!!!!!!!!!! Why would anyone bring something to work and put in their locker that could end their career??

    IAFF 4-ever / No Scabs

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    Originally posted by Squadman911:
    Here's an idea people.....If there's nothing in your locker that can get you into trouble, why worry !!!!!!!!!!! Why would anyone bring something to work and put in their locker that could end their career??

    Hey Squadman, please define what would get someone in trouble.

    Is it "union paraphenalia"..., how about pictures of "loved ones" that might offend someone that has no spouse, children, etc., how about the latest "station house cartoon" that makes fun of the Chief, ***'t, Captain, or "Loo"?

    But, I have to agree with you. The private sector (and those ff's with station access to a computer) has been looking at this for quite awhile.

    They bought it, it's their's, they have a right to do with it what they will.
    So watch what you write about "them"!

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    Come on Firekatz04, you know what I'm talking about. If the rules/regulations state that certain items are not allowed in the station (in your locker), then you don't bring them to the station. If there's nothing in your locker that can get you "busted",,,,,,why worry. Hell, they can search my locker everyday if thay want. As far as e-mail is concerned, you're right. That computer is theirs, if they can pull your e-mails out of "their computer", well, so be it. When you work for them, you play by their rules. If I don't want them reading my e-mail, I'll buy my own lap top and bring it in.

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