I searched the site for both of these crews, and found nothing on them, so I thought I'd post.

Coleman does (and has been doing for a number of years) the "assessment center" part of our Dept's promotional exams.

This Rockhill&Halton outfit is offering (for the first time here) a "Tactical Skills" seminar/practice specifically for the Coleman "oral skills" exercise.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience w/ either group/company, and if it was worthwhile, or if they mislead you in any way, and if you felt it was worth the $160.

It's been our experience w/ Coleman, that from one year to the next, what was a good answer one time, is completely wrong the next!

They (Rockhill) claim to have put this show on in:
Akron,Albuquerque,Atlanta,Birmingham,Cleveland (where Coleman seriously screwed things up) ,Columbus Oh,Dallas,Denver,Ft. Lauderdale,Memphis,Milwaukee,St.Louis,and San-Fran.

I know Coleman goes all over. I searched the web, but didn't find much on them.

It might be kind of beneficial to all involved, if the folks who use these guys were to share what was asked from place to place to clue each other in on what to expect from them.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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Sorry 'bout all the smiles...I think they are kinda' cool and emphasize the point..

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