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    Question Lieutenant Exam Info

    Their seem to be a lot of books,practice test etc for entry level firefighter's, does anyone have any information or resources to help study for the promotional Lieutenant exam(exam books, practice questions etc.) Thanks in advance

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    pete fister
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    I'm not sure what format your dept is going to use for the testing, but we used the Michigan Municipal League testing proceedure.

    I found that the IFSTA red books are very helpful for these types of tests. The test is broken up in the following areas:

    1. General Technical Knowledge
    2. Injuries and First Aid
    3. Fire Suppression
    4. Inspection and Planning
    5. Size-up, Fire Ground, Hazards
    6. Supervision

    The red books have seperate books for each topic plus the overall essentials book. READ, READ, READ and then READ more.

    Best of luck,

    Lt. Fister
    St. Joseph City Fire Dept
    IAFF, L1670

    P.S. Did I mention to READ all the time.

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