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    Angry Retired firefighter burned by Reagonomics

    I retired after 24 years fighting fires. I collect a pension and I now work for Amtrak. I will miss some time from work due to surgery and I will not not collect any sick time benefits or compensation while off because I collect a firefighter pension. This is due to Reaganomics 'double dipping' bill. I'm looking for any retiree who works for the Government. If you know anyone who retired from the fire service (or police and or military) and works for the Government please write me back. Thanks

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    Elbombero, How do you blame your plight on Reagan or any other President for that matter. The Congress and Senate [most of Reagan's reign, Democratic] lobbied for and passed the Bill.

    Bob Compton

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    Elbombero, How do you blame your plight on Reagan or any other President for that matter.

    Simple. Because people would blame Republicans for the weather if they thought they could get away with it. Oh, silly me. I forgot about global warming! That's our fault too! I guess there really isn't anything we don't get hit for.

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    All politics aside folks, how about helping the Brother out, instead of bashing his brains in. Maybe you disagree with his reasonings, thats fine......he is still a Brother and he is asking for help.

    elbombero - I'll check around here and see if I can find anyone in the kind of situation. Hope is well my Brother. Stay Safe.


    May your vents be leeward, your searches be negative, and your overhaul complete......

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