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    Post College Education and Contracts

    Do any IAFF departments have verbage in thier contract regarding College Education?

    What Im looking for is contract verbage on who is eligble, who pays (how much), reimbursement tables, etc.

    Any help would be appreciated. We go to negotiations in less than 2 years and we're working on it already.


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    We currently have two levels of Ed incentive.

    4% of base salary for 30 college credits, and 8% of base salary for an Associates degree(60 credits). For those of us with Bachelors degrees, we get compensated at the 8% level. All members are eligible except for our Fire Alarm Operators. They do get a 1000 dollar stipend for being EMD certified.


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    We get $60.00 per month for Associates Degree and $120.00 for a Bachelors Degree. Or $60.00 per month for Intermediate FF and $120.00 per month for Advansed/Master FF.

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    $500 one-time payment for Fire Science Certificate (30 Credit hrs), $1000 more for Associates in FS (total 62 credit hrs.) For Bachelors in FS or a related field, $600/yr for 5 years after completion.
    FD will also reimburse the tuition/books for any course at Academy, College, FDIC etc.. if it is deemed fire related by 3 member panel which includes Fire Chief, Union Pres. and Human Resources Director. Total reimbursement per year not to exceed the cost of 20 credit hours at the local Community college. (Macomb County, MI)
    I've given it almost straight from the contract, if you need more info email me.

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    These are our educational incentive payments:

    1 to 9 credits: $10 per credit annually

    The following incentives are paid each year...we have the option of lump sum or weekly payment.

    10 to 24 credits: 1.5% of base salary.
    25 to 39 credits: 3% of base salary.
    40 to 59 credits: 5% of base salary.
    60 to 119 credits: 10% of base salary.
    120 credits: 12% of base salary.

    The City reimburses the firefighters and officers for registration fees and textbooks for courses in Fire Science and other courses approved by the Chief. Courses for a degree will be taken during off duty time. Most firefighters arrange for swaps if they have to work on a school night.

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    Nothing is offered by the city as far as a pay incentive. You get your degrees on your own and at your own expense. Although the city will give you a generous $600 up from $400 a year (not semester) reimbursment for college courses. BIG DEAL, it cost me a hell of a lot more than that for 135 credit hours.

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    We have an educational incentive that is as follows:

    $400 30 credits or more and working on a degree.
    $800 for an Associates degree in any field
    $900 for a Bachelors degree in any field
    $1000 for an Master degree in any field

    In addition we are allowed $1100 per year for tuition reimbursement provided you provide proof that you passed the class/es you took

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    One of the problems with reimbursing on a pass-fail basis is that some people just want the paper, and don't care about the education. This is not restricted to any specific rank, since one of the popular sayings in the National Fire Academy EFO program is "2.0 and away we go", which implies that even some chiefs only care about the paper.

    One suggestion is to gear the reimbursement directly to the grade for the course. Multiply the grade (0.0-4.0) by 25, and that is the percentage of the reimbursement that gets paid. If the department does 100%, then you get your whole class paid for only if you get an A. This benefits the people that are actually interested in the education.

    If it is seen that the department is honestly interested in the quality of the degree which the member has attained, then it should be much easier to sell the idea of annual incentives for degrees and certifications.
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    Our contract contains language for extra pay based on education. The percentages are about 1 1/4% for associates degree, 2 1/2% for Bachelors, and 3 1/2% for a masters (or something very close to those percentages). These are for people whose degree is close to emergency services (i.e. Public Administration).
    In addition, the city will reimburse you for a successfully completed college class or fire training class that you may attend. However Travel, room, and board are not included.
    Finally there is a $250 bonus for being an EMT. I see this being phased out in the near future as more than 1/2 of the local's membership is EMT certified.

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