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Thread: Got Lunch?

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    We go get groceries in the engine every shift. We'll go as a crew and leave one person with the apparatus.
    We are not allowed to purchase or carry groceries or prepared food on the ambulances. This is because of blood borne pathogens etc. So, the bubbas on the engine company do our grocery shopping for us.

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    Either the Engine or Truck goes every tour, depends on who's cooking. We have only eaten out of the house one time in five years, cause the kitchen was down. A few years ago some jack4$$ complained about us using the fire lanes, so now we have to park at the other end of the damn lot. I always hope that guys' house is the one on fire while we're running across two acres of blacktop to get to the rig! Used to be that the Driver always cooked, and in most houses he still does, but we take it easy on the drivers and everyone takes a turn, except the squad. We'd never eat if we had to wait on them.
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    If we have four on the rig (single house) or four on any rig (double, triple camps), then the person designated as that day's cook busts out to shop in his personal vehicle. If we only have three on a rig, we take the apparatus to the grocery store. Usually the driver stays with the rig and the boss and his radio go into the store with the cook (who is always a deckie). We cook two meals per day, lunch and dinner. Everyone chips in $10, of which $2 goes to the kitchen's "staples" fund and $8 the cook uses to shop.

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