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    KeithA8 Guest

    Question Got Lunch?

    What are your dept. rules if any on getting lunch with the apparatus?

    We recently got a new order from the ***. chiefs office that we can no longer get grocceries or lunch with the trucks. Our union is wondering if this is a common rule. We feel that every other city dept. gets a lunch break and uses dept. vehicles to get it. What if a firefighter is on overtime and is on his 3rd shift in a row? He doesn't eat? We feel this a stupid order and are questioning what we should do about this if anything.

    -thanks for your responce

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    hfdfao Guest


    We get our meals all the time. We work 24s, so we often go out in the afternnon and buy stuff to make for dinner. Nobody is complaining, so ????. We did used to get static for going to Dunkin Donuts, but that was simply a matter of being a little discrete when you park, so the whole world ain't looking.


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    dr inferno Guest


    Same here bro, we run out and bag us a meal once in a while or go and scare up some stuff for us to cook for whatever meal we are at in the day. Sounds as though your boss forgets were he came from. GOOD LUCK.

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    570eck Guest


    If you're staying in response area/district what is the problem. The only point I could see from his side is response time. "suppose you are on one side of area getting food and a call comes in for the other" not saying I agree just this might be his point. Also see if maybe one of the other crews didn't bring a radio inside and there was a delay or something. But as far as around here we have no problems at all with going to grab a meal. On occasion the boss might get a little touchy about eating at the restaurant but that's it.

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    snowball Guest


    You could start by filing a grievance with
    the chief. If that doesnt' work try to
    bring it to the negotiation table.
    Or take it to the board of supervisors directly.
    If all that fails, go on the radio,put your
    equipment out of service, get in your car,
    go to the store, get your grub, and beat feet back to the house.(dont forget to change out of your uniform)LOL
    But seriously, our dept doesnt' have a problem with this as long as you stay within
    your first in area. Good luck

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    Chief Taylor Guest


    The only real restriction is a recent one of only being able to go shopping at the grocery store once a day.

    There is no real restriction on eating out. We go out quite a bit since we get so busy during the day and sometimes time just does not allow us to prepare in house meals.

    Have not heard of any complaints around here. My last job in California, that was a very different story. Lots of politics and making rules to keep the public happy.

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    John326 Guest


    Well we run things a little different in Chicago. We have a fireman that is the cook for the shift and he goes out and gets groceries in his own car. We are able to do this because we have 5 men on each rig so we aren't understaffed.

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    Squadee2 Guest


    Unfortunately, this sounds like another trumpet filled collar w/weak knees. As long as you are available w/in your 1st due area,
    got your HTs on (& 1 in the rig w/radio)getting groceries should not be a problem.
    Additionally, there are many benefits:
    1.Your on the street interacting w/the public
    (Cops call it Commu. Oriented Policing!)
    2.When that store, bodega, or deli is
    rollin' @3AM, you'll remember the layout &
    construction (ie replanning, Bldg. famil-
    iarization, etc)
    3.Unless you & your crew are Stevie Wonder,
    you should be remembering the nearby exp-
    osures, hydrants, overhead obstructions,
    Forci. entry problems, etc.
    Of course, some "Brass" will say that the high cost of fuel is the reason, but will
    that stop scheduled preplans, prevention &
    education activities, or the non-emergency
    use of Ladders/Aerials for banner & flag
    details? No, nor should they (except the banner & flag BS details), but, if they
    want to cut down on "fuel costs", tell them
    to look at the use Gov't of vehicles (ie:the take home cars!).
    Just my $0.02 worth, then maybe again, its
    payback time from a "Brass" that had to eat
    his PB&J on the backstep years ago!

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    Billy Mott Guest


    Our Chief says, if staffing is at 4 on the unit then someone goes in POV. Otherwise it's one trip a day, and of course the big NO NO is that we are not to park in the Fire Lanes. I guess that is so it will leave them open for the other customers. We can't write a ticket but we can put a "friendly" reminder (threat of P.D. notification) on the window.

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    Captain Gonzo Guest

    Post stole my thunder on this one!

    Going out to shop in the rig is a time honored tradition. As Squaddee2 so eloquently put it, it's a great time to do a little bit of district familiarization, preplan and to educate and communicate with John and Jane Q. Public!

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    spo0k Guest


    Yeah I would have to say this is going to be a union issue. I'm not sure how to go about it though.

    I feel for you though, I think thats just about ridiculous. Is this stemming from a particular incident, or is the chief just struggling for control?

    FF. Mike Burnes
    Whitehall Fire Division

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    Tillerman-6 Guest


    And... even if it does not become a Union issue it can still become a civil service issue with the city gov. If the other municipal departments get time for meals (i.e. road crews, police, office staff) then you as an equal employee of the city are entitled to the same right. Whether it is in the rig (that would make the most sense) or a pov (why put the crew one man down) you are not some oddball because you are a firefighter. Just tell the offending asst. that you want the minimum break from calls guarenteed in the U.S. Labor Laws and see what he says then. He will be glad to keep you in service while you stop off at the local pizza joint in the fire apparatus.

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    Neal_HP105 Guest


    Well, I guess some are more fortunate that others. We too have the rule that says the trucks will not be taken to the store or resturaunt to purchace items for our daily use. This is of course superceeded when they want us to do something for them. But as far as I can tell you we have had this rule for quite some time.

    These are solely my opinions.

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    When I started out at my present department the old Chief would not let the trucks go outside the station unless it was a call or some sort of department related issue. The new Chief does not care, so we can go get meals, etc. However, the old tradition is followed of not going out for meals. In a short time that will change, in a few years those "oldtimers" will be retired. I would also try and find out why the gold badge wants this change in policy and go from there.

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    wE are srtill allowed to make a grub run, but it has to be outside of training hours, before 10 AM or after 4 PM

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    My chief at my FT dept. is always threatening us with..... I am getting camplaints that you guys are going to the grocery store. THIS IS A JOKE!!! Just another way for him to show who is the BOSS. We only get positive comments from shoppers. Some of them are things are compliments like "you took me to the hospital three months ago, thanks you did a great job" or the always popular " Whats for supper? I'll stop over to eat"I personally do not see the problem in going to the store or sitting down at a resturant to eat for that matter. As long as it does not hinder your response time, ablility to do patient care or fight fires what is the problem. Getting out in the public is great PR for the fire dept. and city/municipality. Sitting behind locked doors at the fire station is a thing from the past.

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    We work the 24/48 and are allowed to go anywhere in our district anytime. Grocery stores are allowed so is going out to eat anytime. No complaints, most of the public likes to see us out, we get the comments like "whos manning the station" but these people probably don't even live in the city!!! The deal with having a run on the other side of your district while your out can be fought both ways, because we have been eating and had runs right in that area with a lot better response time then if we would have been in the station. I know some departments came up with the idea to give tours of the truck and hand out badges to kids or even take BP's while the other guys are doing the shopping. They were getting great feed back from that.

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    My Dept. also allows us to shop for our meals in the rig. However some officers will keep the Driver/opperator(Engineer), in the rig to help maintain the response time. If this was an issue for your Chief, may be he would agree to this.

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    I Personaly think Career Personnel should be permitted to shop for their meals. I am a Volunteer my-self but I did do some per-diem work a few years back with various Engine and Ladder Companies in a Township I did career fill-ins for. We went out after vehicle/equipment checks {usually around 10am or so and shopped for the entire tour {24hrs.} We were permitted to go out to lunch or dinner if we wanted {As long as we remained on radio and in our first-due} but we didn't do that too often. Fact is even though now I'm just a Volunteer You guys/girls out there in the career services should be allowed to secure your meals for your tour {Either 12 or 24's which-ever you work} and if it means taking the engine or the truck to do so than so be it. Besides getting out of the house once in a while {besides calls} can be some-what relaxing and you're in the publics eye. I have to agree with others on one thing though...Don't use the Fire-Lanes to park and shop...It's tacky and leaves a bad taste in the minds of most who don't understand the business we're in

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    We go out all the time. At least one trip a day to the store, occasionally to a restaurant. We usually get complaints if we park in the fire lane, for some reason. So we just have to use the parking lot like everybody else. I don't know what that's about. Before I was hired they had a chief that didn't allow it (going out). But personally, I think it's great PR and keeps everybody flexible on their meals...
    These are my opinions and not those of the organizations for which I work and/or volunteer.

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    We go get groceries in the engine every shift. We'll go as a crew and leave one person with the apparatus.
    We are not allowed to purchase or carry groceries or prepared food on the ambulances. This is because of blood borne pathogens etc. So, the bubbas on the engine company do our grocery shopping for us.

    Comments and opinions are mine and do not represent the agency or IAFF local that I am affiliated with.

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    Either the Engine or Truck goes every tour, depends on who's cooking. We have only eaten out of the house one time in five years, cause the kitchen was down. A few years ago some jack4$$ complained about us using the fire lanes, so now we have to park at the other end of the damn lot. I always hope that guys' house is the one on fire while we're running across two acres of blacktop to get to the rig! Used to be that the Driver always cooked, and in most houses he still does, but we take it easy on the drivers and everyone takes a turn, except the squad. We'd never eat if we had to wait on them.
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    If we have four on the rig (single house) or four on any rig (double, triple camps), then the person designated as that day's cook busts out to shop in his personal vehicle. If we only have three on a rig, we take the apparatus to the grocery store. Usually the driver stays with the rig and the boss and his radio go into the store with the cook (who is always a deckie). We cook two meals per day, lunch and dinner. Everyone chips in $10, of which $2 goes to the kitchen's "staples" fund and $8 the cook uses to shop.

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