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    Question Rapid access slides vs poles

    Does anyone know of any department using slides vs poles for rapid access from upper floors to the apparatus bays? We are building a new complex and our department would like to evaluate this as an option.

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    We had a department close by that chose to build their new station inside an exsisting water tower rather than build a new building. In order to safe space they opted for a slide. I've heard great fun has been had using saran wrap, flour, water, etc.

    Overall I believe that they were successful with their descision of a slide, but I can't say for sure.

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    I've seen that firehouse! You'd never know it's there! It looked pretty cool.

    Isn't it in the NFPA somewhere, that you should have everything on one floor, and to eliminate the poles? I'd swear that I read it somewhere, if not in there.
    We have slide poles in our house. (when wearing shorts, you've gotta' watch it!)
    I can think of more ways to blow out a knee, or ankle on a pole vs. a slide though.
    I'd also imagine the slide would take up as much floor space as a staircase, unless it spiraled down...
    We had a city commissioner (300# plus) try to slide the pole in a nylon sweatsuit. (not much friction) Needless to say, she came down in a heap and broke her ankle. LOL
    Thats how the story goes anyway...I missed that show.
    I shouldn't laugh, sorry....


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    Yeah I'm pretty sure that slides aren't allowed by NFPA and maybe not even by osha.. still nice to have.. good tradition

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    I have had the opportunity to work for a fire dept that had a slide. The dept that I currently work for has a couple of stations with poles.
    I really enjoyed the slide. You would pull open two doors, grab on the to bar that was mounted about mid-way height and take off. I had not heard of any injuries at any time.
    In regards to the pole, I enjoy that also. The poles at the station that I am at have a wider circumfrence than our other station. The wider is much easier to slide than the thin/skinny pole at the other station. Of course there have been various people injured sliding throughout the years. Some of it had to due with being inexperienced at sliding. There are times now that when I get up for a ride at night, still half asleep, I zoom down the pole faster than I normally would go and risk injury much easier.

    Hope this helps

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    I work in a dept. with 5 stations. 3 have poles, 2 do not (single story). I work in one of the houses that has no pole. Whenever I travel on OT to a house with a pole, as soon as I can, I'll go upstairs and slide the pole, just to refresh myself. You never know when you'll have to slide down it again. I kind of like them, being somewhat of a traditionalist. Except on Thursdays, though. (Brass day, all slide poles get polished, a distasteful tradition, to say the least). One more side note. During the annual kid's Christmas party, guess how Santa makes his entrance? You got it, down he comes!

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    All the best firehouses have poles. Let's face it, if you aren't coordinated enough to slide a pole maybe you shouldn't get on the rig.
    Sliding boards? Yeah they're in the playground across the street, where they belong!

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    Check with Madison Twp FD, Franklin Co. Ohio. They are on the southeast side of Columbus, near Groveport I think........They built a station many years ago with a slide. Haven't been in it for years, but thing its' still there.
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