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    Post Wearing Shorts on the job

    We want to be allowed to wear shorts on the job during excessive hot days, however our chief feels this would be a liability if you are burned or if on an EMS call where we may be exposed to blood bourne pathogens etc.I know some depts allow FF's/AEMT's to wear shorts, how were you able to get it implemented?

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    You wear short sleve shirts don't you? Does your deparmtent assume liability if you get burned on your arms or if you get blood on your arms?

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    Excellent analogy.

    Shorts have been proven to reduce metabolic heat stress from working in full bunker gear. This equates to a measurable reduction in heat exhaustion, heart attacks, etc. in the summer months. Departments that have gone to shorts have reported no increase in burn injuries, the bunkers provide adequate protection alone.
    Shorts are not only a good idea, they should be mandatory (part of the NFPA standard?) for wear in the summer especially in the east coast heat and humidity.

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    I'm all for shorts! Here they won't let us take our uniform shirts off untill it reaches 80F degrees! If we were just wearing teeshirts, and it's under 80F degrees. We have to keep our turnout coats on.

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    NYC implented the use of shorts the same time the use of full turnout gear was implented about 5 years ago. The result has been great as far as reducing heat related stress and fatigue. The turnout gear is bloodborne pathogen resistant. The shorts are cotton. It is great for the hot days of summer.

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    I`m a firefighter in the airforce and everyday after 1600hrs we can change into shorts and after we check out trucks on the weekends we can change. if it gets really hot our chief may let us change early

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