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    sparkie12 Guest

    Question Duty day hours?

    We work as civilians Firefighter's for a Air Guard base. Our hours are 7am to 7am (24/48). Recently, due to flying, our duty day has been extended from 7am until midnight. So now our alotted sleep time starts at midnight until 6am. I have been in the military and worked at many different Air Bases. Normal sleep time was around 10pm regardless of flying. You still had your required response time to meet. Is there a code or law that address's the length of time awake (not on an emergency call) before you are granted sleep time. We are unsure if this is a "greavable" matter or not.
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    spo0k Guest


    That sucks dude. Our duty hours are from 0700-1900, and after that is our time, if we want to sleep, so be it.

    Not sure if this is a grievable matter or not. There is legal prescident about employers letting employees go home tired (a mcdonalds manager went home after like a 20 hour shift or something, got in an accident, sued and won) but the bad part about pushing that issue is the chiefs/base commanders/city council/whatever can then say "fine, 8 hour shifts, 48 hours a week" and you lose all that great FLSA over time, you lose your sweet 24/48 schedule, and you are gone 5-6 nights/days/evenings a week. Its a tough issue that I unfortunatly don't have an answer to

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    Past Practice, Past Practice, Past Practice.

    A change in duty hours represents a change in working can greive it. I am not sure how you will make out, but you should have a case. My guess is they don't have the personnel or money to put you on 8's, and besides that should be in your contract, so they can't change it without negotiating it.

    Good luck Bro.


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    Mike B Guest


    You need to take a look at the FLSA 7k exemption for sleeptime.

    553.222 Sleep Time. (b) Where the employer has elected to use the section (7)k exemption, sleep time cannot be excluded from the compensable hours of work where
    (1) The employee is on a tour of duty of less than 24 hours, which is the general rule applicable to all employees under 785.21... (c) Sleep time can be excluded from compensable hours of work, however, in the case of...firefighters who are on a tour of duty of more than 24 hours.

    Basically if you work over 24 hours then you get 8 hours of sleep time. If that 8 hours is interrupted then you get the time called out. If you dont get 5 total (non consective) hours of sleep then you get the total 8.
    If you work 24 or less then you are at the will of your employeer. They can work you all of those 24 hours if the wanted.

    Contact you local Department of Labor and they can give you more information.

    Good Luck.

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    Squadman911 Guest


    Wow sparkie12, that does suck. We work a 24/48 and our work day ends at 2100 (union contract). However, most of the guys in my house go to bed around 2300.

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