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    Default SCBA Cylinder Duration

    My department (Large urban) is in the process of evaluating 30 vs. 45-minute cylinders for standard suppression work.
    We will be using 60 minutes cylinders for specialized applications ONLY.
    I am looking for information/input from departments currently using 45 minutes cylinders in normal suppression activities.
    Or, if your department has done research on this issue already, and had made the decision to STAY with a 30-minute cylinder for standard incidents.

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    My department is currently using 45 min cylinders on all of our front line apparatus. I like them, they are deffinitly heavier than the 30 min cylinders, and we are using carbon fiber bottles. The idea, is to give us a solid 30 mins of working time inside the structure, before we have to come out for a cylinder change. Some people still can't even meet that time. I am curious as to why your department decided to stay with the 30 min cylinders? The 45 min does make a difference in the working time of the ff's. During my initial probationary training I was running 22 - 23 mins on a thirty minute bottle, until it was completly empty. The low air alarm typically went off around 18 minutes in to the evolution. On my last SCBA requal, I went 27 minutes on the 45 min cylinder, and my cylinder still above 1/4 full, and my low air alarm hand not yet sounded. Where your findings similar?
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