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"Ex-chief to return?

Web posted Saturday, November 24, 2001

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Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Could Ronnie Few be Augusta's once and future fire chief?
We have it on good authority that he recently purchased a home in an upscale Columbia County subdivision.

Over a year ago, Few left the fire chief's post here - where he was being investigated by the special grand jury and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation - to take charge of the fire department in the nation's capital.

But his tenure in Washington has gone none too smoothly either. The firefighters' union recently gave him a vote of no-confidence, and he could be losing support on the city council as well.

Perhaps Few bought the Columbia County home because he sees the writing on the wall in D.C.

But what about the writing on the wall in Augusta? Would Few's friends on the City Commission try to rehire him as chief?

Given the pot of trouble he was in when he left - and his difficulties in Washington - the notion of taking Few back seems outlandish, but it's risky to rule anything out when it comes to this often dysfunctional commission.

Moreover, a plan to rehire Few would certainly go a long way to explain why the black commissioners this week inexplicably stonewalled city Administrator George Kolb's recommendation for a new fire chief.

The state and local investigations of Few slowed to a halt after he left Augusta for Washington. But if he tries to get his old job back, maybe they should be cranked up again."