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    Post Joining a Volenteer Fire Unit

    How did you go about signing on with a Vol. Unit? Walk in the door and offer your services? Email the chief? Friend?

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    Hi APG1, how's it going.
    I just walked in the door, I knew several of the officers and had talked to them about the dept. Turned my app in and then had to wait about 2 weeks to meet with the fire chief.

    Local 3905

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    That's all you do is just walk in and ask for an application. Keep driving by and stop in when to see vehicles there.

    David DeCant
    Originally Mantua,NJ
    Presently Lindenwold,NJ

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    Walking in the door is as about as easy as it gets! That's how many of our new members make their interest known. The may show up on meeting night or stop by after we return from an alarm. We give them an application and ask them to stop by at the next meeting.

    Stay Alert & Stay Safe

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    Add another vote to just walking in the door. But once I became a full member, I started recruiting and I'm happy to say I helped bring three new members into the department after me. I think we need to do that a lot more or our personnel problems, which seem to be fairly universal, are only going to get worse. Sure we are going to catch those that really want to be on the department but what about those who would like to become members but just need a little push in the right direction?

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    The best way is just to walk in. You may want to call and find out what night they have clean up or house duty or some such function so you can meet the members. Many deparments have different companies and more than one firehouse. You may have a choice as to which company to join. Each company may also do something different - for instance ladder company, engine company, rescue, fire police. Make a few trips to each of the companies, get to know them a bit and pick the one you like best.

    Good luck, we need all the volunteers we can get!!

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    Nice to see we still have people interested in vol. firefighting. We've had alot of people call us on the phone and ask about the dept. I always invite them to join us for a training session, so that they can see first hand what our dept. is all about. Our cadets have to put in an application that is reveiwed by the membership and the officers, then voted on. Once accepted, the cadet is put on a 6 month probation period. During that time he/she learns fire science, basics of FF and ems. After the 6 months is up, he/she gets evaluated and hopefully comes off of probation and on to a shift. GOOD LUCK AND BE SAFE!

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    Yes it is that easy just walk in the door and tell them you want to join.
    I moved into my house in July and in August I walked in the door and joined no one in my family has been in the fire service and now my brother joined the dept.
    Don't get discourged when I joined my dept. only took members in twice a year July and and December I missed it by a month and had to wait six months before I got in but that has changed,they take members as they come in .
    That walk through the door has changed my life as I will stay a Firefighter for as long as I am able to walk this earth.


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    Kelly Tool
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    Add me to the list. Walk right on in. It may seem odd in our world of technicalites but it is how it's done. Also if you know some one that is a volunteer ask them about it. This also helps to get "the foot in the door."

    Put the wet stuff on the red stuff!

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    I got interested after my husband had been in the local volunteer department for about two years. He encouraged me to join and I'm glad I did!

    Walking in the door, talking to someone on the fire department... those are two of the best ways.

    be safe,

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    One more vote for just walking in the door and getting a application that is the best way to let the dept. know you want to help.
    Good Luck and be Safe

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