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    Does anyone out there have some information they can give me concerning the formation of a volunteer fire department in my small hometown. I am a firefighter/paramedic in another town but would like to start one close to home due to the present lack of available fire protection. I know this will be a long and costly project, but I feel the need to get involved. Thanx!

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    Howdy, First check with your County see if there is a Fire Association or any Money devoted for Fire Depts, Check your Local and State Laws see who is responsible for Fire Suppression on a State Level, Talk to folks in your area about your plans get public support, You may be able to find someone whom may donate Land for your Station, Go to other Depts and Find out how they Started Look at Charters, Non Profit Status, Tax Rolls use what ever needed to Lay your ground work, Establish your Core members and Let them help you plan, Contact Local FDs for used Equipment, Plan Fund Raisers, Your State may be able to Donate you some Equipment... Its a Long Road but a Fun Journey, once you get Rolling DONT STOP, stagnation can be disasterous, Check with who will Dispatch you see if they can Help with Pagers, Radios ect.. Your Best Source is those in your area, Good Luck

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    I am a little ahead of you. but we are in the same boat. I am also a full-timer but live in a new rural community. I started the Fire Dept out in this area, and the previous advice is very good.

    I did most of those things mentioned and you would be amazed at how much donated equipment you can get. In fact we have been operational now for 6 months and were able to become operational wityh fire/EMS will 98% donated itmes. I now have 3 pieces of apparatus and 36 volunteers to staff them.
    Our Town is almost 50 square miles and as such, I have also just been donated a building for another fire Station in the far end of our town.

    One word of caution, this will consume your life, and for longer than you think. but the rewards are great, I have no regrets about getting involved.

    Please email me for additional information.

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