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    Well, in my case it should be why I want to volunteer when I'm old enough.
    When I was younger my grandpa and I walked by the fire dept. I always wanted to go look at the trucks and everything. I even went to Tulsa on occasions to see the different trucks. I live just outside of a small town called Bristow. In my neighborhood every time anyone was burning anything I would get on my toy fire hat and get on my red bike and go to the fire making a sound like a siren. Once a house really did burn down in my neighborhood, but I was on a vacation with my parents. Everytime I saw a firetruck or ambulance running with its sirens going I thought WOW, LOOK AT THOSE GUYS. Now I'm getting a chance to be one of those guys. I think there are so many pluses to being a firefighter.

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    Friends, Neighbors, The Community, Strangers, Fellow Humans. I do it for the people.

    This does not reflect upon the residents, or Emergency Crews of Sullivan County.

    This is a personnel comment, and opinion!

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