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    Hey that is a good question. why do I/we volunteer? Well I started out as voll. e.m.s. in my town some 15 yrs. ago, got out of that for a while, did my own thing ( but every time I heard the siren/whistle my blood would pump a little faster) i got married in 95 and moved across the street from the fire house ( by accident). My wife said she so that I missed it and urged me to go get a application and fill it out. So i did and the rest is history, as they say.
    I am a vol. because i have seen the best and the worst in people and i feel that there is more good than bad. plus I get off on the legal hihg I get when the wistle blows.


    morning and have a good day

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    hmmm the reason why i volunteer..well, to be quite honest with you all,i never had any of my family that was part of the fire dept when i was young, and i never did spend time around it when i was young either..and for those of you that have, im sure it really paid off when the time came u decided to volunteer.BUT in any instance, the reason i joined was basically because i get this natuiral high off makin makin somebody feel better, or doin what i can to help someone...as of right now, im just a fireman,and im still wet behind the ears myself, but i ride shotgun in the back of the ambulance more than i fight fires, plainly because where i am we dont have what you would say a multitude of 10-70 alerts.so, i spend alot of time helpin people in the ambulace ride to the hospital.I dont have my emt's yet, and i hope to get them soon, and im really pushin towards being a paramedic.yet i still as some of you absolutly LOVE that rush from a good raging fire.where i come from we dont have a lot of volunteers, and some are in it just for the glory and dont show up very often,so its up to just a few of us to get it done, so id say ive had alot of training in a very short time, maybe more than some at no longer than ive been in this fd..so,before i got driftin off in some far away land..hehe, ill just stop at i really love what i do, i love taking risks, and i really enjoy helpin out people in my community.to all of yall, i wish you only the best of luck, and of high hopes of letting the good lord bring us back home each nite =0)


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    In the blood. My father was a volunteer firefighter for 20 years. I got on as an Explorer when I turned 15. I have been on the department for 11 years now. I took it a step farther and made it my career. I am still on the volunteer fire department in my community and just because i'm a career firefighter I haven't slacked off on making calls at all. I would still rather volunteer anyday than get paid for it, but I figured since I loved it so much that I might as well make a living out of it so that I will be happy with my job.


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    joined because my dad already had done it and riding in those big red trucks with the siren was neat. because of a job i had to get out for 1.5yrs. but missed it so much i changed things to get back to it. once your in it makes you "insane in the brain" to miss it. the rush still occurs after almost 20 years of responding to the signal. pavlov's dog had nothing on firefighters/rescue members and others who start salivating at the sound of a siren or the tones on a scanner.
    live life and remember that volunteers are the few, the proud, the crazy.

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    The reason why I voluntter and still do it? If you ask any of my friends they would tell it because I must be dumb!! But really they dont seem to understand that you actually get second family. ones that you would do anything for and they would anything to help you back.
    I started when I was 16 and it's going on 16 years now. I joined about 2 years after my dad. Most of the teens in the town all seemed to started around that same time. Which was about 8 of us out us 8 there are still 6 of us in the dept.
    Last year at this time I walked out of the dept. because of diffrences between me and the chief I didnt walk back in the fire dept.for about 2 months before I got a call from the President asking me what was wrong. I advise him what the problem was and told that I was resigning from my position as 1st Lt. and from the fire dept.During that time not being at the dept. it just seem like something was missing. It was that second family thing I guess and the friendships that I found over the years.
    I am now back with the dept. after a year showing up if I want. and I am taking my 1st. Lt. position back!!! May be it was case of burn out but great to be back!! well except for the bingo thing!!!

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    Well, in my case it should be why I want to volunteer when I'm old enough.
    When I was younger my grandpa and I walked by the fire dept. I always wanted to go look at the trucks and everything. I even went to Tulsa on occasions to see the different trucks. I live just outside of a small town called Bristow. In my neighborhood every time anyone was burning anything I would get on my toy fire hat and get on my red bike and go to the fire making a sound like a siren. Once a house really did burn down in my neighborhood, but I was on a vacation with my parents. Everytime I saw a firetruck or ambulance running with its sirens going I thought WOW, LOOK AT THOSE GUYS. Now I'm getting a chance to be one of those guys. I think there are so many pluses to being a firefighter.

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    Thumbs up

    Friends, Neighbors, The Community, Strangers, Fellow Humans. I do it for the people.

    This does not reflect upon the residents, or Emergency Crews of Sullivan County.

    This is a personnel comment, and opinion!

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