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    Between fire, EMS, police, utilities, I.S. people, and the computer industry in general, I wonder if there iss anyone left to party?!

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    We have no real plan set for Y2K yet. There will most likely be a crew for at least one of the ambulances, and a crew for an engine, or the squad rescue. Probably, the greatest calls will be home health machines failing.The only real problem I see, is the bay doors, I don't think they will open if the power is out!

    *My opinions do not reflect in any way upon those of my company, or fellow members.


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    The county fire coordinators office has requested that the all the departments in the county (48 volly, 2 paid) be manned from noon Dec 31 till noon Jan1, 2000.

    We are having a fund raiser (read: BINGO) on New Years Eve so there will be crews on till at least 10. There are 8 of us that I know that are staying overnight and having breakfast in the morning watching the sunrise from the West ( read: mushroom cloud) Just kidding..... Hope all is safe for you, and Happy Holidays. If you are attending a party, dont drink and drive...and don't show up for a call if you have!

    R Schorr FF/EMT/HMT
    Shield 41
    Northpole Fire Company Inc

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    We are going to man the station on New Years Eve to ensure that we have the minimum man power needed to respond to any emergency situation that may arise.


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    Pelican Lake
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    My husband & I are both Vol. FF (and I'm also an EMT) for our rural (very rural) northern WI town, and since we also own a bar less than 2 blocks from our firehouse we are throwing a party for our guys. Our station is usually "unmanned". So that way we'll all be close, have food & fun, if anything does go down. And we don't have to worry about our baydoors....they are still manually operated. The only thing we expect around here is the power to go out and that will be due to a snow/ice-load and not Y2K.

    Stay safe and have fun this New Years. And if your in the Pelican Lake area stop on in!

    People Helping People

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    My station will be manned and open to the public. We will verify that everything is O.K. with the units and radios, etc. Primarily we are going to be there as a PR issue. The public will know we are standing by and they can come to the firehouse for any problems.

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    Bob Snyder
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    I'll preface this by saying that the only failures that I expect on Friday night are people failures...the technology is much more reliable than the general public, and they are the weak link in the whole business.

    Anyway, we originally weren't going to staff the station unless there was evidence of trouble (power out, etc), since we should have plenty of people close by to respond if needed. Last week, all the stations in the county were informed by County Communications that they will be announcing to the public, via newspaper and TV, that all fire stations in the county will be staffed 10 pm to 2 am New Year's Eve and that people should go there for assistance if they can't get through on 911. No consultation, no chance to render opinions, no alternative plans to be explored (like, put an extra cop at every borough/township municipal building...at least they get paid for it), no nothing.

    Since we're not being given any choice in the matter, I guess we're going to have to have someone available to sit around and watch nothing happen. I can feel the excitement already!

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    "people failures"....hmmm...I LIKE IT!!!

    No,the world will not end and no,everthing and anything will not instantly stop working at 00:00:00.1hrs on 01/01/00....BUT--people are scared of what they dont know. Therefor, the politicians have to calm those fears so they can be re-elected. So, yes, we will have an Engine crew standing by and we have opened up our firehouse to be a "sub-station" for Rural/Metro Medical Services and the local Sheriff Dept. Why....well, not so we can all have our bacon and eggs watching the mushroom cloud climb into the sky, but rather becuse there just might be that one scared resident who decided to keep a 55 gal drum of gas and a few dozen 20lb LP tanks in his garage "just-in-case"......

    Stay Safe and Stay Low


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    We will have a few extra people around on New Years eve - and not the the feared Y2K Bug, but for the "nut jobs" that think it's the end of the world. In my humble opinion - F2K! I'm certain you can figure that one out...

    Keep it safe folks!!

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    T ony Hartman
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    Our department is also having a New Years so the trucks will be manned.

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