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    Post Funraising ideas for vol. dept.

    Like many departments in the country we are speading a lot of time raising money. One of our members started a business to receive car donations to help us. The program works like this: a person donates the car and receives a letter for its blue book value. They then sell the car to scrap delaers or car part companies. The department gets a certain amount based on the re-sell value. If anyone is interested in this program. We made over $4000.00 in 1999 so far for almost no work on our part. If anyone is interested I can sent along some information.
    Remember watch everyone back and keep it safe.

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    I would like information on that. Our Juniors are struggling for money and members. If you could help me out I would appreciate it.
    Chris martelle
    Wellsville Vol. Fire Dept

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    I suggest a chinese auction, I really don't know how to explain it. But, if you contact an auctioneer, I'm sure they will advise you on how to opperate one. Chicken BBQ's are our specialty, and they have been since 1927. But, as our captin says, you cannot cook enough chicken to pay for a fire truck!

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