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    I just would like to thank those of you whom have put in thier information on how they distribute monies to thier people.

    I have been given approval for some type of limited compensation for my people, and there are some really good ideas listed on this link.

    I am tryiing to iether go with the point system or a combination of point/stipend system.

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    Hope this helps...

    We are paid $7.00 per call on a fee-for-service basis. Our coverage area is 120 sq. miles, so it covers expenses.

    Chief gets $750, Asst. Chief gets $375, and the captains each get $150 per year for additional expenses they incur.

    The reason for the payment is to cover gas and vehicle wear and tear. You also get an additional $80.00 per year clothing allowance.

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    We recieve a 'clothing allowance' of $200 per year at our December meeting. It is a nice bonus at that time of year. It is by no means the reason I volunteer to fight fires.

    Bruce Shanabarger

    "Bustin' Ours To Save Yours"

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    i'm a VFF on a small dept.20 members,3000 residents,in a large area.we have 80-120 calls(fire/ems)a year there is $7500 set aside each year for an honerarium $2500 goes to the chief off the top,from the dept.chief on down we split the rest this way
    1st year=0
    2nd year to dep.chief=1 point/call,2 points/practice we have 4 practices/month 2 ems, 2 fire.all the points are added together and then divided into $5000 and a $ figure for each point is figured out this year it was 6.47 a point but half the team is rookies(less than one year)i had the 3rd highest points this year and recived $0

    all comments would be appreciated


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    Many people say I am a volunteer, I do it for my community! No, if you are recieving any type money for your actions you are a paid fire fighter(call firefighter) in a paid fire department. You are foolish to think any other way. It may not be a lot of money, but it is some money.

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