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    Question Volly Training

    How does your department go about training new FF'ers? College courses? OTJ training? Aroooo?

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    Our station requires for 18 and older to attend our county fire academy, which is a NFPA certified academy. We presently have no requirements for Jr's except for in-house training.

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    We require new FFer's to go through a in house safty orintation before they can respond to any calls. These firefighters are limited in thier duties; swap air bottles, get tools, strech hand lines, stuff like that. We do try to get them involved with overhaul, but only with close supervision. Then they must go to a Basic Operations class put on by the Training Battalion. This is a county wide class put on about once a quater. New firefighters also must attend several other classes within the first year, such as HazMat, Confined spaces Awareness, extication. In the upcoming 2000 training year I plan (read hope)to teach the Certified Vol Firefighter circulum for my company
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    After a background check, physical, and drug screening, new members are issued pagers and assigned to their FTO. They can now respond only to the station. After completing the first third of FF1, (SCBA instruction and confidence course) and at the recommendation of their FTO, new members get "green" par tags (probationary) which allow them to respond to city calls. The company officer will make the determination if they can board the first due. Probies are not allowed to respond to any mutual aid or do standbies. After completion of FF1 (104hrs), FF2 (20hrs), Haz-Mat ops (40hrs), the FTO program-fire, 1 year, and the recommendation of their FTO, they get their "yellow" (member) tags. This gives them the privlages of a firefighter. New members still must complete CPR, EMT-B, BTLS-IV, Advanced airway (combi-tube), meds variance, and FTO-medical within the first 2 years. Also, they must maintain 75% of all drills, held every Monday and 6 Saturdays a year, and a run volume of 25%. FF1 and FF2 is through Hennepin tech college, EMT is through Century college. At anytime prior to this , they can be discharged by the Chief for cause at the recommendation of the FTO, a Captian, or Chief officer (dist, Batt.) It can be a long 2 years, but we get good quality people that put in the required time and effort. Sorry so long!

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    New members must pass the physical and take the OSHA course to be eligible to ride the trucks. Prior to being able to do much such as use an airpack, enter a structure and so on, they must complete the firefighter essentials classes (basic and intermediate).
    Those are the only formal classes offered by the state that is required of a member. Obviously, we encourage them to take addtiontional classes. They are also required to attend the mothly drills and encouraged to the "voluntary drill nights" we run a couple of times a month. The voluntary drill nights are run by our training officer for those that have expressed interest in certain subjects and for those that are relatively new and inexperienced. These drills are in addtion to the regularly scheduled drills. They have been working out well for us. We end up with a smaller group so everyone gets more hands on practice.

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    In our dept. we have a state certified training officer and he teaches or oversees all training. He and the chief must sign off on all in house and out of house training.We do most of our own fire training and have the local ambulance service do all our medical training per the state and county protocall as we first respond with them on med. calls. We train our fire fighters per the state firemans assoc. protocalls and then give hands on training in as safely a way as possible. All firefighters can go on any call from day one but until they complete the required hours of training,they cannot fight fire or do any rescue work. The training officer and fire chief are the only ones who can say they are ready and can fight fires or rescues. Good luck and be safe.

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    In our Dept. most training is in house or
    OJT! You have to be 18 to operate a Truck
    at training and 21 to take one on a call.
    Jr's 15-18yr olds can train all they want
    (no driving) with the Dept. FF get checked out on all the basics: Hose,Nozzle,Air-Pack,
    Safety,Jaws,etc. We are trying to improve training to include more state FF/Officer
    classes as money&time permit.

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    Our training program is currntly under construction. Currently when we have a new member join the dept., they are put into probationary status. This lasts at least 6 months, with a possability of an extension if nessassary. During these 6 months we do an in house fire essentials class, which do have tests that must be passed. They do not recieve pagers and are not allowed to respond to calls unless with a firefighter. They are allowed to go to weekly trainings and they are required to work their Sat. shift. It is up to the training officer or Capt. to watch over the probi and to teach. Once a year we have an annual state fire academy that we send people to if they are in good standing. As i stated before this whole process is under construction due to our probis just arent getting the training they need to get off probation and i'm not satisfied with my ff training, nor my officer training. if you have any suggestion please send them thank u. Asst chief Zecha

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