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    Post dealing with a pregnant vol. firefighter

    Hello there. I would love to get information regarding your depts policy on having a female volunteer firefighter becoming pregnant.What type of policy you may have on leave of absence?when are they allowed to return to active duty?all that sort of information.Please help as we are developing a policy or og on this matter

    Dec 23,99

    Still looking for more feedback on this issue.If you can help e-mail me.

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    We have not had to deal with your specific situation and hence have no maternity, but our general leave policy is as follows:

    1 year leave of abscence on request, can be renewed for an addtional year with Captains approval.

    Since we have no formal policy I would treat this as we treat medical leave. If someone has any sort of medical condition we require a note from that members physician stating that members fitness for duty. Should the member not be fit for duty, they are not allowed to resond to alarms, but may attend non firematic functions such as meetings. To return to active duty they must provide a letter from their doctor stating the "condition" has been corrected and the member is again fit for duty.

    Hope this helps.

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    We have not a policy in place either, but have a curent volunteer in this situation, I have reasigned her to public education activites until she is ready to come back on the floor.

    Once approved by a doctor, she will be reactivated for operational activites.


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    thank you for your quick replies.Chief taylor i would like to chat somemore regarding this situation.please e-mail me direct .as for anyone else please assist me with your depts policy.thanks

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