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    Question Individual SCBA masks?

    I was wondering how many volunteer fire companies issue individual SCBA masks to their members. We have 25 SCBAs in service on our units, but the masks are kept with them. Decon, inspection, etc. is expected from the members using the pack prior to replacing it on the unit following use.

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    Kelly Tool
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    We are a small volunteer company. we have 10 units in service, all interior firefighters have their own mask. Although, we keep an extra one or two on each truck incase some one forgot their's or if we get some one that isn't interior yet but can still pack up for car fires and needs the mask.

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    We issue individual masks to those members who also wear glasses -- the glass holders are built into the masks. (Fire Co. pays for the glasses, too.)

    We have 2 extra Small and Extra Large Scott Masks on each truck that carries the Scott Paks, otherwise a regular size mask is stored with the pak and is what you use.

    The Interspiros, well, you either pass the fit test for the standard mask and don't wear glasses, or you have to wear a Scott with the appropriate mask. Most of us prefer the Scotts anyway

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    We are now in the process of recieving our own masks. This way the fit is ensured (fit testing) and if its dirty or broken, it's your responsibility. The cleaning, refilling, and inspection of the air packs will still be a company resposibility.
    Stay safe...

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    Our masks are currently stored with the pack on the unit. One extra of each size is kept on each unit also. Y2K will bring personal masks to my dept.(at least now i know where it has been.)

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    Currently only members that have special needs, such as very small or large and some with glasses have their own masks. Early next year everyone is going to be fitted for their own mask.

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    Having your own mask is nice, but necisary? No, you can do some things to make sure that the Masks are clean and in working order eadch time they are needed. If you have your members clean the masks and inspect them for proper fuctioning after each use and keep them in a zip-loc or sealed plastic bag (after they are dry) to protect them from duct and the elements. One very important issue to address is fit. Each member should be fit-tested and make sure that their are enough masks of each size avalible.

    Alan Romania, CEP
    IAFF Local 3449

    My Opinions do not reflect the opnions of the IAFF or Local 3449.

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    My dept. does not have enough money per year to provide individual masks for us to use , so after every use by the scba equipment user and once a week by the firefighter asigned to upkeep on scbas, they get cleaned, disinfected, checked, and readied for use.

    Good Luck And Be Safe
    Craig Lambert

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    Batt #2
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    We are in the middle of attemtping to replace all 31 of my SCBA and issue every menber a face piece.
    OSHA (if I read it correctly) is that each member will have a quanatative fit test(sorry about the spelling) each year or after a loss or gain of large amounts of weight or sever facial changes.
    Also a pholmanary fuction test(spelling again) each year for SCBA use.
    It is very costly to issue face pieces to each member, but is a very wise and proper thing to do if the money is there.
    I you have your own face piece and you wish to do what you want in it then fine. I have my own and keep it clean.

    Keep it burning Tracey

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    We finally conformed to OSHA Regs (individual maks) just a few years ago when we purchased new Scott SCBA's. Everyone has their own mask and keeps it with their gear. Before that time we had one mask for every SCBA and it was stored on the trucks with the SCBA.

    Bruce Shanabarger

    "Bustin' Ours To Save Yours"

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    Our dept. currently issues everyone there own individual mask. OSHA requires that all employees have their own. It makes it nice to know that it is yours and that as long as you clean it, it stays clean. It is each persons responsibility to maintain their own mask. We also carry 2 extra on each truck in case somebody forgets theirs.

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    Jim M.
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    Several posts have mentioned an OSHA requirment for individual masks? Can anyone cite a specific rule? It's my understanding that everyone must be health certified, possibly pulmonary tested and then be "fit tested" for airtight seal with a particular mask size. But as far as I know, no requirement for individual masks. Am I missing something?

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    Jim, my understanding of the OSHA Respiratory Protection rule is the same as yours. I believe you have summed it up accurately! I, also, am unaware of any requirement to issue individual facepieces.

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    My dept. issued each interior FF there own mask nearly 2 years ago. Everyone is fit-tested and those with glasses have those modifications made at the depts. expense. At the same time, each scba on the truck has a mask with it....Just incase!

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    We have 23 air packs in service, and we keep the masks with the packs, we have 35 members on the dept. Anyone that wears a mask has been fit tested, and the indidual member of responsible for cleaning after each use, and they are inspected monthly.

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    Hey, Our department issues every firefighter thier own SCBA mask. It has been my,unfortunate, experience that some so called "firefighters" dont want to do their jobs...ie: WASH THE SCBA MASK!!!! While the rest of us that do it from start to finish have to hope that the last person wearing the mask washed it correctly, if at all. And besides, if I have a cold or something, I wouldn't want you wearing the mask I've been wearing even after I washed it. So if it is at all possible, every firefighter should be issued thier own mask. "But thats just my opinion, I could be wrong"

    Be safe!

    Chris "T-Bone" Ridgell

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    I do not recall an OSHA reg that specifies "individual" masks. We did issue masks to all certified members under the premise that they would be guarenteed the mask that they were fit to. Our SCBA has 3 different sizes and the only alternative was to place 3 masks for every pak (60) to make the same guarentee. The only other problem we had was if someone had damaged a mask at a scene and needed a replacement. To take care of that we placed one of each size on each first line apparatus but are locked with a Knox lock. This makes it impossible to remove when there is not an incident, but flexible enough to replace a mask on a scene when needed.

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    We barely have enough complete sets of SCBA to do 2 in/ 2 out. Consequently we share masks and any virus our kids bring home from school. The cleaning and maintenance of the SCBA in total is extremely important.

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    We have roughly 25+ personel and all of have been issued our own masks as some of us carry our own gear and arrive on scene in POV's.

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    A couple of things. First, OSHA regulations only cover private sector and federal employees not local and state public employees. That is unless the local jurisdiction has adopted the OSHA standard. Second, as far as I am aware there is no OSHA or any other requirement that each user be issued their own personal facepeice. The only requirement I'm aware of is that each user be issued a face piece with a "qualitative" fit. That is to say, the user must be fit tested to ensure that the proper size facepiece is available and in use. That facepiece does not necessarily have to be exclusive to a single user.
    That said, my company has chosen the expense of issuing personal masks to aid in health and safety.

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