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    Post Public Relations

    I am a chief of a small fire department in Northern Arkansas. We have 23 members in a community of about 1300 people.

    In the past 22 years that I have been associated with the fire service in a volunteer depaertment I am totaly convinced that good public relations is the key.

    Lets start sharing what programs or ideals that a small department on a limited budget can do to foster a positive image with the public that they serve.


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    We have had real success with an 'open door policy'. We make a point to invite civic groups and ect. to tour the department. We also make a point to have a presence at "national night out' programs and other communitee functions.
    Stay safe...

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    We are also a small dept. with a very limited budget and we do all the public relations we can. We have a public relations officer who puts weekly updates in the local paper (for free) of our fire runs and any thing of interest that our dept is doing. We also put on fire safety programs at the local school during fire prevention week and give the children coloring books and stick on badges. We have sold calenders and gone door to door talking with the people of our area. We also park cars on both the home and visiter sides at the local schools home football games on Friday nights.
    We sponser a fire prevention/safety poster contest for the 5th,6th,7th, and 8th, grades in the Junior high school and send the winning posters (10 in all) to the state firemans assoc. convention to be judged against other posters from around the state each year. We are currently in the planning stages to put on a drunk driving crash stimulation/ training excersize in conjuntion with the local police, ambulance, Highway patrol, and flite of life helicopter at our school sometime this spring and plan to invite all the parents of the students to take part, plus we will video it and make it available to be viewed by anyone in the community. I hope these ideas may help you. Good luck and be safe
    Captain Craig Lambert
    Harmony V.F.D.

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    Our department just got done with one of our best public relations events, the annual Christmas parade. We enter our newest apparatus, totally decked out in lights and have our members walking along side in turnouts, handing out candy.. The looks on the little kids faces when a real FIREFIGHTER hands them a piece of candy is priceless. We have the occasional open house, and send people to the elementary school during fire prevention week. We also got some great publicity in the early fall when two of our members were awarded the Montana Medal Of Valor. Both of the weekly papers in the county had articles on it. And since it's such a small town, almost any fire/accident is going to receive attention in the local paper. But the best PR is face to face interaction, so it's always a good idea to remind our personnel to be friendly and courteous.

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    We have had alot of positive responses from the community on our newsletter. The newsletter is done once a month and includes our runs, events, fire safety tips, firefighter profiles, etc.... We hand them out at our fundraisers and then put them in the businesses in our community.

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