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    Question Union or Not?

    After a breakdown of comunication with our fire commissioners, our two paramedics have joined the IAFF. That leaves me as the only other paid employee in our Volunteer department not in a union. I am trying to decide whether I should stick it out alone, or if it would benefit me to join the union. I have never been in a union before, so any help you could give would be great.

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    See my response in the paid section!

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    In this case, I would think joining the IAFF would be an idea worth considering. If your city is union, they may also be concerned about you not being represented.(you would be much better served by a firefighter union than the teamsters or ect.) If there has already been a breakdown, good reps can bring this to a close. They also have the benifits and ect. designed to the particulars of firefighting. Contact them.

    Stay safe...

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