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    JonJohn33 Guest

    Question Training

    I'm pretty much brand new to firefighting. I'm 17, and I plan to become a volunteer firefighter. What kind and how much training do I recieve when I become a volunteer firefighter.

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    ladyfirefighter Guest


    Hi JonJohn...

    Glad to have you aboard. The first thing you need to do is contact your local department. The kind and amount of training you will receive will vary form state to state and from department to department.

    You will most likely have to go thru some type of application process and possibly even an interview before the department accepts you.

    Here in Florida I originally had to go thru a 56 hour state approved volunteer course. And of course I have received alot more training since then.

    Good luck to you....

    Stay Safe...
    Rebecca Richardson FF/EMT
    Isles of Capri Fire Rescue
    South Florida

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    Capt. Crunch Guest


    Hello John

    In NJ it is state required that you take
    FF/1 and FF/2 courses.FF/1 is the soup to nuts of the FF industry from the evolution of fire to sprinkler systems with a final exam.
    Don't quote me on this since it's been a long time since i've gone thru FF/1 but i think the class is now up to 21 week course.
    FF/2 is the practical for everything you learned in FF/1. That course is two full do live bruns with different type scernario, basment fires,two story,multi room fires,multi floor fires,ETC.ETC.
    The best info i can give you,is listen and learn,and ask alot of questions.
    And remember the only stupid question,is the one YOU don't ask.

    Be safe and good luck

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    FFE3BFD Guest


    The New Jersey Division of Fire Safety Doesn't recognize the FFII classes. Fire I consist of 112 Hrs. of training including the basics FF skills, HazMat awareness, HazMat ops, RTK, I-100, basic First aid, bloodborne pathogens and CPR.
    It is ridiculious but no live burn or smoke house drills need to be conducted to get your Fire I cert.

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    craig7404 Guest


    Welcome JonJohn to the forums and the fire service. You did not say where you were from but like the lady firefighter said it varies from state to state and country to country. Here in Texas you join the dept. and most provide either in house training or will send you to approved schools and training courses. I'm not real sure the amount of hours you must have in order to take the state volunteer certification test for a basic firefighter but you must take I believe 60 to 70 hours in certain course before you can be in a live burn drill.

    Good Luck And Be Safe
    Craig Lambert

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    Capt. Crunch Guest


    You are correct,what i should have said was that in are county they require ff/1 with a passing grade.after you pass that then you are required to take ff/2 and pass that before you can become fully active.this was set up by the county Chiefs assco. they felt that this was the best way to see if you had what it takes.after all someones life could be depending on that person and what a better time to find out if they can handle could be book smart and fly thru ff/1 and then fall apart when it comes time to preform. what good is that kind of i'm
    not trying to put anybody down but it could be my big butt thats depending on them.
    FF/2 should be a requirement by the state,but
    hey thats just my opinion.

    Be safe all CC.

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    FFE3BFD Guest


    I received that loud and clear, Capt.

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    Pelican Lake Guest


    Here in Wisconsin, it's a little different. State mandates to work interior you must pass "Firefighter 1 mod. 1" 30 hours AND "Firefighter 1 mod. 2" 30 hours AND complete 2 live burns (under the direction of an instructor). This is all that is MANDATED but then there is a additional 30 hour "certification" class for if you want to "certify". Most all paid and some vol. dept. say you must certify to join their depts. but the state says it is an option. But if you don't certify and you change depts. you must then RE-DO everything all over again. Certification is the only thing that will follow you from dept. to dept. The thing is LEARN all that is available to you and then some. Stay safe!

    People Helping People

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    JonJohn33 Guest


    I'm from Oklahoma, by the way.

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