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    Angry LODD Iowa Benifits

    I am a vol. firefighter/EMT from NW Ohio. I was appauled after reading the article about the benifits that the survivors of the three firefighters from Iowa were going to recieve. We all have families of some kind. We give up time with them from time to time to help others when they need help. You lay your life on the line at any time of the day or night. Something really needs to be done about this. Either state by state or on a national level. Anyone with ideas ? Count me in ! !

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    Amen ed1. A few uears ago we a had a fireman died of a heartattack while at the scene of a school bus accident and because he did not have smoke in his lungs the benfits his family got were less then they should have been intitled to. Something needs to be done to protect the families of all the volunteers who give their time and possibly their lifes to protect others. This is another national problem that I have talked with some in congress about. We all need to get together and get congress do give all of us some help.

    Good Luck And Be Safe
    Craig Lambert

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    All emergency providers nation wide are covered by the federal gov. for LODD. It started at $100,000 and a cola was added several years ago, right now if your killed in the line of duty the federal gov. pays around $147,000 to your family be it your volunteer or career, police, or EMS. The families in Iowa will get this money if they apply for it. I think the people that wrote the artical failed to mention this fact.
    The state of Mass. payes another $100,000 on top of this amont, here in Pa. I know it's at least $50,000, this varies from state to state and most be increased on the state level. Here in Pa. your children get a free collage education too, if they attend a state collage. The Governor just signed that into affect a couple years ago!

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    Check out Mike Gentili's post on the career/paid forum. He has the website for the Governor of Iowa and it includes the e-mail address. I e-mailed Governor Vilsack and asked him to take a brave step, transcend party lines and initiate legislation to raise Iowa's LODD benfit to match Massachusetts. Everyone reading the forums should also write or e-mail their governors, state representatives and senators to get this benefit for the public safety personnel who die in the line of duty.

    Take care and be safe...Lt. Gonzo

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    The Federal government provides benefits to the survivors through the Public Safety Officer's Benefits program. These benefits are not liable for federal income or estate taxes. The basic amount was set at $100,000 but has been adjusted several times. The last figure that I saw was about $151,000. It is administered by the Justice Department.
    You have to dot the I's and cross the T's and play their game to get it. Blood gases tests are critical in smoke related deaths.

    In Indiana, volunteers are also covered by Indiana Code 36-8-12-8(a) which mandates a $150,000 incurance coverage. I don't know what the career firefighters are covered by. Hopefully it is at least that amount.

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    The federal benifit uses a more restricted definition of LODD than the fire service in general does -- so auto accidents and heart attacks generally don't count.

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