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    Post jr firefighters programs

    as we all know volunteers are hard to come anymore!! my fire dept.is currently thinking of starting a jr. firefighting program to help promote volunteers of the future if anyone has any ideal i would like to here them thank you

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    We started a jr. program about two years ago and it is working out OK. Jr's are minimum 16 yrs old and are allowed to respond to calls and ride apperatus... anything but the first truck out. They are NOT allowed to respond on apperatus out of our first due response area. There is a limit of 6 jr's as members. They come under the state guidelines of what they can and can't do on a fire scene. They are allowed to train on everything except "interior live burns".
    When they reach the age of 18 they can become regular members. Our first jr just made regular status a few months back and a few more are slated to move up soon. We have had a few drop out of the program, and a few "removed", but, all in all it seems to be working.

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    My Department is a muncipally owned and operated paid on call dept located in Northwestern Vermont. About 10 years ago, there was an interest in starting some sort of Jr. FF program. It was learned that the insurance company that covers the Village that owns the department would not cover the liability. The department then decided to look into the Explorer program of the Boy Scouts of America. The insurance issue would then be solved as the BSA insurance covers the participants.

    Our department's explorer post was chartered about 9 years ago - being the first in the State of Vermont being chartered for the Fire Service and the only one that has be in active status continously since it's inception. Granted we have had our ups and downs but for the past two years we are averaging about 11 members.

    Exploring is open to young people ages 14 to 21 however at 18 they may join the department. Explorers are not allowed to respond to calls, nor are allowed to ride on apparatus enroute to a call. But they train with department - and their assistance back at the station or away from the scene such as filling tankers during and after an incident is invaluable. We have had a number join the department after reaching age 18 as well as seeking to go into a career department.

    We have no limit on membership - I am one of the two advisors to the post, however most members of the department realize that they maybe asked to pitch in and help if we have a big project coming up.

    The other benefit is that with everything we hear in this world about kids causing trouble - these kids are do something constructive - and they know the rules - school work comes first - do not get into trouble with the law - and for those who have a driver's license one of us better not see them driving recklessly.

    Good luck
    aka Brian
    Swanton Fire Dept
    Swanton VT
    (Explorer Post 832)

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    I speak first hand on how Jr. programs are a good thing. They are a great way to get new members and also are a huge help by doing jobs that if they were not there an interior firefighter would have to do. You also might want to start an Explorer post. This way you can get kids in at a lower age. There will always be a few bad apples (my dept. has had them) but don't use the actions of a few to dictate your thoughts on the whole. One last thing...DO NOT TREAT THEM AS SCUM OF THE EARTH. If you treat them with respect they will be more likely to stay on to be regulars and also help out when they really don't have to. Drop me a line if you have an more questions.


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    Good for you,, I started our Jr program when I took over as Chief a few Years Back,, Our Jr Program works as so,, Jr f/f are 16 yoa, they must attend the same amount of Meeting and Training as a Adult 50%, and can only Participate under Direct Supervision of the acting I/C and only in a support role, at age 17 and upon completion of 70 Hrs Basic F/F Training may be voted on as a Conditional F/F, they recieve a Pager and Key to the station and are issued Bunker Gear, They are allowed to Respond to the Station and Ride out the First Truck out, perform all Fire Ground Duties EXCEPT Interior/Exterior Fire Suppression, duties include Bottle Changes, Hose Lays,Setting up Vent Fans& Lights, Traffic Control ect, We do allow them to assist at MVAs to Extricate under the guidance of a Tool Operator or Officer,,, at age 18 these members are again voted on as Regular members.. we have had two so far come up in the program and it works well for us,, we have had prpblem children and quickly dismiss them, but all in all it adds to the Dept as a whole and gives the ones who realy want to be involved a goal to accopmlish.

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    I am the advisor of the Explorer post at my fire dept. since I took over the post I have had 4 post members become vol. members, all four just completed state rookie school. two of them are first responders and one just passed his EMT-IV test (National Reg.) you should contact your local Boy Scouts of America office and get their Info. good luck with your plans and hope you have a great success with either way to get the youth involved.

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    Glad to see so many positive words about Jr. Firefighters. Our dept. has had Jr's since the mid 80's. From that time I believe we have about 10 that are now full members and still more in the gene pool coming up. If you don't have the young guys where is your future!! The way to go is to treat them like a regular member except in situations that could be life threating. Remember respect gets respect in return . Good luck and stay safe.

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