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    Question Maltese Cross

    What does the symbol in the center of the maltese cross that looks like a bell or a horn mean and what exactly is it? Sorry if this seems like such a dumb question.

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    The horn like symbol is normally used to denote rank. Many Departments use the following: One horn = Lieut., 2 = Capt. (some crossed and some not), 3 = Assistant or Battalion Chief, 4 = Deputy Chief, 5 = Chief of Department. There is also a scramble of a helmet, trumpet, axe, pike pole, and ladder, which is used as a general fire department emblem.

    The horn is actually a speaking trumpet. It was used by officers in giving commands and as a symbol of authority in the past. It is much like a megaphone that is used by cheerleaders. Many trumpets were very decorative and expensive. Today, they are mostly used as gifts to honor retiring firefighters.

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