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Thread: Federal Grants

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    Question Federal Grants

    Does anyone know how to go about obtianing a federal grant? Perticularly in Kentucky? Our vol. fire dept. would like to build a training "house" or smoke maze. ANY help would be much appreciated! Thanks.

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    If your department serves a population less than 10,000, you may qualify for the Volunteer Fire Assistance program. This 50-50 matching federal grant program is administred through your state forester. Contact their office to learn how to apply.

    You may also want to visit www.usfa.fema.gov to order the Alternative Funding Guide - this free manual provides information regarding federal grants as well as other funding methods.

    Heather Schafer
    NVFC Executive Director


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    Im also from KY. Sometime recently i think i had heard that the state will provide like $250,000 towards training facilities. Im not sure where i heard it or who to contact. Try the state fire commission.

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