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    Question Federal Death Benefits for FireFighters

    I am a Volunteer FireFighter residing in Pennsylvania. We are trying to get our Gov Body in our Township to pay for a Life Insurance Policy for the Vollies in our Township. We do know that The State of Pennsylvania has a 50,000 dollar death benefit for FF's killed in the Line of Duty, but we not sure about the Federal Program. Can anybody Help?

    Thomas "Woody" Paull

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    Federal Gov. pays $147,000 to emergency service workers family for line of duty deaths. It started at $100,000 and has a cola attached so its about what I said right now but keeps going up each year with the cost of living. ( check out what is being payed to the Worcester families )Its payed to career or volunteer firefighters , EMT's, police , and prison guards. Here in Pa.your kids get a free college education at a state college too if you didn't know about that. Hope this helps you out.
    Lt. Charlie

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    The Federal program is called the Public Safety Officers' Benefit Program, and is administered by the Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance. The PSOB Program Office can be contacted at 888-744-6513.

    There is also a Cop Shop commercial site that posts a detailed summary of the PSOB program; look at: http://www.cowtown.net/Cop_Shop/federal_benefits.html . Hope this helps.

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    There are several things to remember about the PSOB Program. It is incumbent upon the FD to do several things right away upon the death of a member. USFA has a book entitled "Fire Fighter Autopsy Protocol" that can be ordered from their website that has these guidelines. If you are in NJ, the NJ Division of Fire Safety has a guide book for Chief Officers in a checklist form for the things that they have to do in the event of a LODD.

    Two things to remember...an autopsy is virtually mandatory for a LODD. Their must be toxicology performed. The PSOB will fight paying an award if there is alcohol or illegal drugs on board. No blood test...no benefit. It is important if the member is transported to an ED, to make sure that the ED runs the full toxicology screen in the event that member dies later.

    Also, most of the time, heart attack victims do not qualify for the benefit. There are exceptions, but as a general rule, it must be a traumatic injury.


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