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    Question School year unavailable

    Is there anyway I can volunteer only during the summer or when I am home for Christmas Break? I will be going to college a ways away and won't be able to volunteer during school.

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    I think most vollie depts. would be more than willing to work with your schedule. Just be upfront with them. Explain that you will be gone for school ahead of time, and will respond when you can. We have a member on our dept. who is gone for the entire summer every year. Lives on one of the islands running a summer camp. No problems here, everything usually works out just fine.

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    JonJohn be honest and tell them up front and they should be willing to work with you because getting a education is very important in this day. Our assistant chief used to work overseas and was here for 28 days and gone for 28 days. Believe me we missed him on those 28 days he was overseas but when is was home he was a big help. He is retired now so he is a help all the time. Hopefully your dept. will understand and be willing to work with you.

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    We currently have a cuple of members that are away at college but are there (mostly) on weekends, holidays, and during the summer. Both of these guys were active members prior to going off to college. The only real issue for our dept is to make sure that these guys satisfy the state's requirements for minimum training hours. We are trying to be creative with this by use the "Working Fire" video series, books, etc. As the other responders said, most volunteer depts are thrilled to get new members and will work with you all they can.

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