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    Post Parking of personal vehicles at fire/accident scene.

    What policy do you have and how do you enforce the placement of firefighter's personal vehicles at fire & accident scenes. I know that the best way is to ride on department apparatus. In the real life that does not always happen.

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    Our department SOP's require that the only time that we will respond to the scene via PV is if we have to pass it on the way to the station. Members who do otherwise do not get counted for being on the run. The only exception to this is the Chief who will respond directly for size-up, etc. if the scene is closer for him than the station.
    We were experiencing similiar problems before we implemented this and it seems to have stopped for the most part since then.


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    We are allowed to drive pov's to scene with certain rules. On MVA's we park on the same side of the road as the accident and far enough back to allow rescue vechicles in and on fire calls it's just common sense that you'll park far enough away for tankers and engines to manuever around. I have parked as far away as an eighth of a mile before at fire scenes and to those who question pov's at fire scenes I don't know about your department but after a big house or barn fire and there is equipment that needs to be cleaned up it's nice to have a pickup truck to put them on to take but to station to clean up. And to those opposed to pov's at MVA's,on our department if there is enough manpower working directly at the scene we will usually use some of the pov's for traffic control parked farther down the road or on top of the hill for warning. But each department is different and what works for us may not for others.

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    Our Dept S.O.G. is that all Personell Responding to a Fire and or MVA shall respond directly to the Station for proper protective Equipment and Appropriate Apparatus for the Incident and ALL personell shall ride on Dept Equipment to The Scene. In the event Members arrive at the Station and all necessary Equipment is Out Radio Contact Shall be Made with the Dept On Scene Commander to establish if additional Manpower or Equipment is Necessary, in the Event the Member is Instructed to Drive by POV to the Scene the Member Shall Park at Least 5oo Ft away from the Scene and report to the appropriate Officer in Charge. The only Persons who may Drive POVs to any Call are on EMS Calls as the majority of F/R have EMS equipment in the P.O.V., at no time will POVs Block and or Hinder Roadways, Drive Ways or EMS Acess to the Scene.

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    Our SOG on response includes a section on this. Basically, all personnel are directed to respond to the station to staff apparatus. If all apparatus have gone responding before someone reaches the station, they may then divert to the scene. Upon arriving on the scene, they are to park a minimum of one block from the incident location in such a way that they do not impede apparatus or personnel (or words to that effect). Exceptions to this are medical assists and OIC discretion.

    ((Just for clarification, when we're called for medical assists, they're generally for lifting or to supply a driver to the medic unit, so our apparatus isn't required. Rescues, forcible entry, etc. are dispatched as such, not as "medical assists". Our area is covered by combination EMS squads (paid ALS crews with volunteer BLS backup) who rarely need any direct help from the fire companies. We cary no EMS gear and provide no routine EMS services, and we're perfectly happy with that.))

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    For medical response to MVAs whoever is closest to the hall responds for the rescue rig. The balance who all have equipment respond directly to the scene. We park on the same side as the incident but ahead of the scene. We follow this procedure so as not to drive over tire tracks etc. by parking behind and possibly destroying evidence that may be needed to reconstruct the accident scene. The same goes for footprints over evidence. Our fire-side who respond to all MVAs park the trucks ahead and behind the scene and assist with extrication and traffic control.

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    Our dept. is like others. Our SOG states that you respond to the station unless you must pass the scene to get to the station.

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    Our SOPs state that upon being paged all personal are to radio in route with all personal to respond to the station. Now some of our members do carry their ppe with them so if there hear enough personal are responding to the station, them may go directly to the scene with the commanding officers aproval. They are to park out of the way, at least 500' beyond the actual scene if possible and the first on scene is to give a sizeup, figure the best placement of equipment and try to locate hazards and to make sure that everyone else knows this information. We don't have a large amount of personal so mostly the parking is not a problem with our members but with the public now that is another story.

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    1st member on scene chooses side of road to park on. That will be the same side as the incident, unless there is a danger to avoid (like parking under wires at an accident involving a telephone pole). That member should also leave room for incoming apparatus ahead of their vehicle. On long drive ways, only first arriving member or preferrably officer should go up the driveway and all others park on road. On normal driveways, apparatus only in the driveway.

    All other members must park behind the first member's POV...IN A SINGLE ROW. Absolutely, positively no parking on both sides so that a single lane of traffic or tanker shuttle can be maintained.

    If you don't follow these (especially the single-row rule) you will get a serious talking to at the station. I have never seen someone violate it twice (and I have also received the butt chewing myself for a parking mistake!)

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    Our department discourages all members from driving to scenes except for Chief Officers. This helps to alleviate congestion since most of our area is rural and the gravel roads can be narrow.

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    Our Department says "fireside" Parking
    But it sure is a long walk back to the truck
    after a call.


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