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    Question Live In Programs

    Our department is developing a live in program. I am interested in any information which will make our program successful.

    Our department provides fire/rescue service for a university community and students make up about twenty-five percent of our membership.

    Any information will be helpful.

    Shawn R. Kauffman, Asst Chief
    Alpha Fire Company
    State College, PA

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    Chief Taylor
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    Our program is similar in makeup, we call it a non-resident program. Most all the applicants are recent Fire academy grads and must have FF-I and EMT-B as a minimuum to put in for the program.

    We require them to cover the Town 48 hours a month with at least 1 12 hour shift being during the day.

    It is 100% volunteer stil and is pretty successful without any compensation. These people are just happy to get some OJT and maintain thier stills they have learned.

    If you would like additional iinfo, please email me.

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    Look at Prince George Co.(PGFD) in Maryland. They have been doing it for years with students from the Univ. of Maryland.

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