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    Exclamation training sessions

    I was wondering how often most vfds hold traning sessions. My dept. meets every tuesday evening 7p.m.-9:30p.m.,and every third saturday 8:00a.m.-11:00a.m. Most other depts. in my county train only one night a month,unless special classes come up such as CPR,annual recerts etc. I believe that continuous training is very valuable and that the citizens that we protect deserve professional service. I don`t mean to patronize,but i`ve been on some fire scenes with some other depts. that didn`t train very often and it showed. There was no organization,and some very dangerous practices being performed. On one particular call we were called to back up a sister dept. on a house fire. The structure was showing heavy smoke on one end. The company that was already there had started ventalating the roof,in the mean time we were getting our attack line ready. Once venting was complete, we were given the order to move in. We found the fire and were just starting to attack the fire when all of a sudden all &*# broke loose. If you`ve never been steam burned,pray that you never are. What happened is that the vent crew directed a stream inside from the roof which effectivly drove the fire,smoke,and steam on top of us. We are lucky no one was killed. I realize that people make mistakes and i don`t hold anything personal against these guys. I just want to say that in order for us to help one another on the fireground,we must all be trained and trained correctly to prevent a bad situation from becoming a tragic headline. I consider all of you my brothers/sisters out there in the fire service and any time i hear about one of us hurt/killed i take it personaly. Peace be with you all.

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    Our department meets the first Wednesday of the month for its monthly business meeting - the meeting begins at 2000 hrs, but we show up anywhere from 1830-1900 hrs to perform vehicle/equipment checks this night. The rest of the Wednesdays' we have training nights, if personnel are unable to attend the training nights they contact our training officers and we offer a weekend training day that covers the topics covered during the other training nights...The only problem that we have, as with other departments, is that those that wish to Drill/Train show up and those that THINK they know everything don't.

    Firefighter/Paramedic in Northwest Pennsylvania... Stay Safe

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    My Department drills every wednesday, we have a AM drill from 9am-11am for those that work evenings at there regular jobs and drill that same day in the evening 7pm-9pm. We already find it difficult to cover everything we need to do to stay on top of things by only getting together once a week for training. One of those wednesdays every month is for a department association meeting, were in the process of looking to only have our association meeting every other month to allow us more training hours.
    I really dont know how departments do it by only training once a month.

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    My department has the following training schedule:

    The membership is divided into (2) groups. Each group is assigned every other month as their detail / training month. On the 1st and 3rd Monday night from 7:00 - 9:00 pm we have a training session. On the 2nd and 4th we due equipment checking and housekeeping at the same hours. On one Sunday everyother month we hold a townwide training drill in one of the 4 districts. The district is resondsible to plan and lead the drill using buildings or situations that are found in that district


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    We at the Harmony VFD in Texas meet and train on the second and forth Tuesday nights and one Saturday each month. We used to meet and train every week but we get a better turnout of our members with our new times over our old times. Like BaileyFD we have been, as I believe most firefighters have, on scenes with depts. that never seem to train and it sure shows. We have been lucky that no one from our dept. has been hurt because of others lack of training but as a commanding officer when I see problems on the fire scene I make sure to tell the other dept. commanders in a tactful way that they should try to improve because I don't want to see anyone get hurt.

    Good Luck And Be Safe
    Craig Lambert

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    Our department hold company and department meetings on the first monday of the month alternating between the two.

    Example: January - company meeting, February - department meeting so on.

    Trainings are held every monday Day training starts at 9:00 and goes until 11:00. Night training starts at 19:30 but our station starts between 18:30 and 19:00 and ends about 21:30 to 22:30.

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    I have to admit, our dept is really good about training sessions. We meet every monday and on the first and third mondays it is drills and the fourth monday is on Medical. The only night we don't meet is the second monday when it is commissioners meeting. all considering there is monday night football we have a great turn out!! Our drill have gotten very intense. I think this is great since our jobs can be very intense.

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