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    Post The "Better Halves"

    This year at our volunteer department's Annual Dinner, we are planning to have a special presentation for the spouses of our firefighters. We want to show them we appreciate the sacrifices they make to allow us to do our jobs - plans put on hold, the worrying they do each time we head out on a call, missed family time while we are at drills/meetings/calls, etc.

    I'm having a hard time putting into words what I want to express. I'm hoping someone out there may have addressed this situation before and can help get me started.

    Any ideas?

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    Are you looking for some type of award or token of appreciation to present to them....

    or some sort of speech

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    At our depsrtment not only do we say how much we all appreciate spouses/family at our yearly dinners, we also have a special night just for them. The firefighters bring there spouse or whom ever it is that they feel deserves this and instead of them cooking everyone on the department cooks and serves them without any interuption and we generally use that to thank them for there patience.

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    My department holds a annual ladies night in Feburary. We take our wives or girlfriends out for a special night of dinner and dancing. This is paid for out of company funds with no costs to either the member or his guest. Each lady gets a rose before leaving the firehouse and a small gift it also given that night. We also award the firefighter of the year at this event. A special award is given to the wife / girlfriend of the firefighter of the year because the honor should be shared.

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    Hey guyz! Our Hose company has a night each year, that we combine with our Christmas party. We call it "Ladies Night". All the guyz bring their wives or girlfriends, and enjoy a dinner with us at a nice restaurant. They pay nothing, chat with the other wives and there is a presentation afterwards. We also invite any widows of firefighters that have passed. We all enjoy it. Eventhough it's kind of odd for me, calling it "ladies night". When I, the only girl in my company, has to take my boyfriend.

    ~*That's why we're here, to help those in need, we're not here for money, fame, or greed..To help those fellow friends, who can't help themselves..We're volunteers because we care, because we want to help, to help others who are in need, not for ourselves*~

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    Our department hosts an "awards banquet" at a near by restaurant and it is kind of a formal affair and a night out. It's about the only time our wive's or significant others get to accompany us to a fire dept event. We also invite our retired members also. Our department pays half and our womens auxilary pays for the other half and they attend also.
    good Luck.


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