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    Question Busy Vol. Fire Companies

    Looking to see how busier volunteer fire companies put equipment on the street. Both fire & EMS units. I'd like to hear from 100% vol. fire companies. Not ones w/ any paid drivers, medics, etc. I am trying to get ideas to better my company's service with the call load going WAY UP.

    Looking to know how many runs (both fire & EMS) a year your company runs, statistics your members need to make to remain an active member of your company, # of units in your company, # of members, make-up of your district, do you have a problem during the day or night with members responding to scene?, any other good info.

    Thanks in advance. BS- Bel Air, MD

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    S. Cook
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    Average 700 calls a year

    All fire/hazmat or rescue, no EMS or first responder

    5 engines
    3 brush truck
    1 tanker
    3 rescues
    1 boat
    1 quint

    50 personnel, 21 active (over 25% of calls)

    District is a 429 sq. mile mostly rural county with 1 major town (Granbury) pop. 6500, total county pop. 45,000. There are 4 other little towns.

    We've been having pretty good luck with both day and night calls. We average 16 people to structures and 10 on any given call.

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    700+ = runs a yr also.
    Fire/Haz-Mat....NO EMS
    2 Engine Co's
    1 Truck Co
    average 8 ff per call during the day
    average 14-18 ff per call at night

    We maintain an Active FF base of 35 members.

    We developed and maintained an aggressive and current training program.

    We have a sleep in program and have a crew of at least 4 in the bunk room 3-4 nights a week.

    We took in 7 new members last year and kept all of them.

    We have a pension program that members are eligible for after 5 years.

    We maintain a modern fleet. Each rig is replaced when it is 15 years old. Therefore a new rig is in the barn every 5 years.

    We have NO BINGO and members are required to maintain ONLY FIREFIGHTING PROFICIENCY. Members must maintain 30% of fire calls and 10 % of Drills, also they must attend 50 % or 6 regular business meetings.

    The Twp funds us at $125,000 annually.

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    870+ calls per year

    5 main line engines
    1 reserve engine
    3 quick rescue trucks
    1 mini pumper rescue
    1 brush truck
    1 heavy rescue (squad)

    We run all fire and code one EMS calls

    Private ambulence service serves our district.

    We have 65 members with around 1/2 of them being active (10% of calls and two drills a month out of eight). We average around 10 ff in the night and 5 during the day (*depending on the type of call).

    We have five stations and a very active mutual aid system in the county and with the airport. Our district consists of every thing from cramped city streets in the south side of Peoria, to the hydrantless country dirt roads in the area west of Peoria.

    We have a very active training program within the department and participate in a lot of outside training.

    We have a budget of around $350,000 a year.

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    Busy all Vol. Fire Dept. We cover 42 sq miles in a city w/ a population of about 90,000. 150 firefighters operate out of
    6 stations.

    1998-about 1500 calls. We are strickly fire no ems.

    10 enigine companies
    5 Ladder companies
    1 Heavy Rescue-including Haz-Mat, Rope rescue
    6 Brush Units
    3 small boats for water rescues and dive team
    1 command unit

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    Contact Prince Georges County Maryland Station 33 (Kentland FD)They have the most active vollie engine/truck in the world, and NO career personnel. Their engine runs more calls than most career engines do......They must be doing something right.

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    S. Cook
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    Kentland's on the WWW at http://www.kentland33.com/

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    Our all volunteer department responds to approximately 1,100 Fire & EMS runs annually and covers an area of approximately 4 square miles, consisting of residential, commercial and industrial occupancies, as well as a number of heavily traveled interstate highways.

    We have two companies, each consisting of approximately 35 members. The truck company operates a tower ladder and a quint. The engine company operates two pumpers.

    Both companies operate the department rescue unit (ambulance).

    We have a State Service Award (Pension) Program, collected at age 65, based on activity: at least 10% Fire and 10% EMS annually.

    The rescue unit is staffed by assigned duty crews from 10 PM to 6 AM.

    Sometimes responses are light at various times of the day and night; however, the transmission of a 2nd alarm normally turns out sufficient personnel.

    Hope this helps.

    Stay Safe!!!

    Syd Henry

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    T ony Hartman
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    Our department runs for 1999 total 615.
    142 fire
    473 ems
    We have: 3 engines
    2 als squads
    2 river rescue boats
    1 heavy rescue
    1 tanker
    1 grass truck
    There are 43 members and 4 probationary members. We cover 88 square miles.

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    The Kentland Volunteer Fire Department Runs approximately:

    5,800 Engine Responses
    1,400 Tower (Truck) Responses

    Other than the country-wide volunteer fire service in Australia, Kentland Volunteer Fire Department is the busiest volunteer fire department in the world. Although ranked 51st in Firehouse's Run Survey based on inaccurate PG County statistics, based on 1998 Run totals Kentland placed 8th in Engine responses and 71st in truck responses.

    More information on how we do it and who we are can be found at www.kentland33.com.

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    Preston Price
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    We run 319 calls in 1999. We have 2 pumpers 1 tanker and 1 rescue truck. We respond to MVA's medical calls as well as fire calls.
    We have 18 members with only 6 that we can count on to help. Our problem is handling that number of calls with that amount of people. We can not get any more volunteers.


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    800+ calls a year

    Fire/Rescue..no EMS

    1-Medium Rescue
    1-1500 gallon Tanker
    1- Command Unit(Chief's Vehicle)

    We cover 130 sq. miles of urban/industrial/rural..all out of one station, but soon to break ground for a satellite station. Our coverage area consist of a Borough,3 townships and Penn State University.

    Currently 90+ on the active roster.

    We also have a bunk-in system and on average have at least an engine crew of 4-5..three/four nights a week bunk-in(voluntary)
    We also utilize Penn State University students, but we dont have a live-in program
    We work off a point system.
    Must have 125 points at the end of the year.
    1pt a call
    2pt for bunking in a night

    Must attend 4 meetings and achieve 20hrs of training. Of the 125 points, 75 must come alarms. If you dont make your points, you must submit an excuse...but not for more than two years in a row...or your off the rolls.
    We have no social members...only Life (over 10 years active service)....

    For more Info check out our webpage http://www.alphafire.com

    or email me...jhb14@psu.edu


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    350 calls for 1999
    3 stations
    5 engines
    1 squad(air & lights)
    1 brush
    1 command
    we currently have 30 members,10-12 which you can count on
    required to make 6 calls per quarter
    attend at least 2 meetings per quarter
    must obtain 32 hrs of trainng per year(minimum)
    we cover 200 square miles,located in the foothills of the blue ridge mnts.we generally have a pretty busy brush season,many mva's,maybe 10-12 structures a year.

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    The Elmont Fire Dept. consists of 167 members,24 pieces of apparatus,and covers 9.3 square miles.It protects about 50,000 people and 1/8 of the district is Belmont Park(the horse track).The dept. is all volunteer.There is an awards program in place for when a ff reaches his/her 65 b/d or passes.There are 8 companies that make up the dept.As most dept's are experincing,our dept is down in membership from 250 members.Our dept runs 2000 annually(2004 this yr)We operate in fire,rescue and ems.Our equipt.list is as follows;
    Engines 1-4-1990 Spartan/Saulsbury pumper
    Truck 1-1997 Spartan/LTI tower ladder
    Truck 2-1996 Spartan/LTI aerial ladder
    Rescue 1-1999Spartan/Rescue1 rescue and 1993 Spartan/saulsbury mask/floodlight
    EMS- 2horton ambulances
    Spare Engine-1985 Mack cf
    Spare Truck-1986 maxim aerial
    Chiefs-1995crown vic sdn,1998expedition,1999expedition
    Support Vans,1998fire police ford,1997ford,1986ford,1988ford
    Travel Bus-1996
    Tow Tractor-1984ford(to pull fire prev trailer
    Pick up-1993ford 350
    Suburbans-1986 &1999
    Like most depts we do have some trouble gettin out during the day but we have a very good mutual aid pact with our neighboring towns.I hope this explaination is what you were lookin for
    Pete Rizzo 1st Lt
    Heavy Rescue Co1
    Elmont FD Elmont NY USA

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