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    Post Help With School Research Paper

    I was wondering if anyone could send us your department standards for hiring and promotion.We live in colorado and we were recently assigned a research paper on a carrer and we picked firefighting because both of our parents are members of the local fire department(and it must run in the blood).My teacher said that the more "things" we could get that relate to our carrer , the better our grade would be.We guess that patches and shirts would be considerd "things" so if you have any extra laying around we would hope that you would help us in any way possible. Thank You all for your time.

    John Barker

    Brandon Writer

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    dear john and brandon
    I understand your quest for info onfirfighting, i too am doing a research paper for a national certified firefighter one course. i do have some "things" like a patch i could send. i to live in coloradoi could possibly send some info on hiring info from my department, although my department is one that is marked by "if ya breathe and move your hired". If your parents have any info on auto extrication and could send it to me along with an address on how to send you my patches e-mail me at pablo@chaffee.net

    Paul Sterle

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