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    Unhappy acquiring more county funds

    This past saturday night my dept. was paged out on a mva. Upon arrival on the scene we found a vehicle upside down on the shoulder of the highway. The vehicle was damaged to where we couldn`t even tell how many victims were trapped inside. The only way we were going to find out was to cut the vehicle apart a little at a time until we could get an accurate assesment. Our dept. didn`t have any JAWS to accomplish this task,so we had to request that the city FD bring their rescue truck,(they had JAWS), to the scene to assist us.The city FD had to drive over 20 miles to our location,which cost very valuable time. We discovered,after a lot of cutting,that there was one victim inside. The victim was still alive but had extinsive injuries. She died a few hours later in ICU. My main point in this topic is that my dept. has been trying to get the county govt. to help us fund some extrication tools for a long time,but every time we approach them about this issue,they put us on the back burner.To make matters even worse,the local news channel reported this evening that the county board allocated 3million dollars to help refurbish an old opera house downtown.What kind of local govt.puts aside public safety in favor of entertainment? This is madness!! Is there anything that my dept. and the citizens we serve do to make sure our taxes are spent more wisely?

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    Ever consider using the media to your advantage? I bet if they knew the department was scraping while the county spends money on some opera crap, they would make a story somehow. That is ridiculous.

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    To get county money you need to work the politicians COUNTY COMMISSIONERS public elected postions. Start with invinting the comms.form your area/distict to your fire hall and have your topic be about needing funds to purchase the minimun eq. to perform your job on responses. Next time you drill vehicle extracation ask them to play the victim (use the proper safety gear use full turnout gear including hood) and shortly after they hear,see and feel what is needed they should do everything they can to assist your request. Suggestion when you do your hands on and if your comms. are to old try to get one of their family members to get into the car, and when the comms. see one of their own in trouble -talk about a great impact-. Important note: Keep it positive at the meeting and at the hands on event. And when you have got your comms. on your side they should convince the other county comms. As far as the $3 million for the opera they'll do it anyway so don't make it a fight, don't go negitive stay positive.

    Good luck and let me know how things went.

    P.S. Video tape your hands on for later use with other comms.and the media.

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    I smell what you're cookin Bailyfd. Our FD is in the same kind of situation with our Village/Town. Using the media isn't a bad idea. We are going to attempt that. The only difference here is, we have jaws and beyond. That's only because our Rescue Squad/Ambulance Corps. are a completely seperate service. But regardless, i sympathize with the funding issue. I know how you feel. It's sad when they put things like Opera houses higher on the priority list than Fire Protection. The way i see it, one day it will come up and bite them in the *****. And maybe only then it will change.

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    I can see the headline in the newspaper and the intro for the 6:00 PM news...

    "Accident victim dies while Opera House renovation continues"

    $3 million buys a lot of equipment and the training to properly operate it. The way to make your plight known is to use the media to your advantage. Invite them to your next extrication training session. Have a representative from one of the companies on scene to demonstrate the toools and then let your citizens know that your Department needs the tools to help protect THEIR COMMUNITY, COUNTY AND FAMILIES. Politicians do not like negative press coverage, so you might get a reaction. Invite them to the training session to see why you need the equipment, if they don't show up, let the media pose the question "why?"

    Take care and be safe...Lt. Gonzo

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    A few years ago our county commissioners told all the county vfd's that the government federal fund that they were using to pay the dept's with was no longer availible so the vfd's would not be getting any money from the county. Well our county fire association got together with other counties and decided to get a fire district started and voted on by the people. We used the media to let the people know what was happening and we went door to door to tell them. Well the vote passed and now we at least have money to operate on. Another Idea is to apply for state and federal grants, we got our Jaws unit and all the tools with a grant from our state health department. Each year we apply and receive grants to get tools, PPE, and radios and pagers, so we are always upgrading. Now the grants do take time to get and the paper work can be tiring but in the end it is worth it.

    Good Luck And Be Safe
    Craig Lambert
    Harmony Consolidated
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