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    Post Volunteer Fire Fighters Do The Best They Can With the Equipment At Hand!

    Volunteer Firefighter's do the best they can with the equipment at hand!

    I'm normally a quiet soft-spoken person. I usually don't say what's on my mind.
    But sometimes something will happen that can make even the quiet type open
    their mouth. Even then I feel compelled to say good things. Someone once
    said " if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. "

    Well, here it goes - I'll try to keep it as nice as possible!?!?

    I've been a member of a Volunteer Fire Department for almost eleven years. Like
    most members of a fire department, I have seen a lot and done a lot in that amount
    of time. Some things you see are sad, some things are hilarious, and some tug
    at your insides and force a response, such as the call I'm fixing to tell you about.

    It was a cold November afternoon not too long ago, when the fire department
    received a call for mutual aid to another county for a structure fire. It is in a
    volunteer fireman's blood to go, it doesn't matter that it's not in your fire district.
    And when you respond you know that when you get there someone will have
    a fire that is out of control and they expect you to do what they cannot - control it!
    Every time you respond to a call you put yourself in danger and make decisions in
    split seconds that could mean the difference between going home after the call or
    being toted off in a body bag. It's always good to have local people, who are
    friends or neighbors of the person in need of help, give the fire department a helping
    hand. I always keep these people in the back of my mind. They attempt to help make
    a bad situation better. I try to think of the act of kindness they gave to someone
    when this person makes a call for help for themselves or for their family.

    O.K., Here is where it gets ugly.

    Sometimes you arrive on the scene of a call, such as the call I mentioned above
    and there is someone there that should be eager to help but instead is more
    interested in acting like an idiot. Yes, It's true, I guess there are times when some-
    one is more interested in the confusion they can cause, than keeping their mouth shut
    and helping. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know when to open or close
    your mouth, but it always amazes me how many people have a lack of control of
    something that is located so closely to the control organ - the BRAIN!! My best guess
    is that the person is caught up in the emotion surrounding the situation and does
    not realize they are making a complete fool of themself. Maybe someday they'll
    realize that there is a time and place for everything. If this person has a problem
    or is concerned about how the fire department handled a call, we'll be glad to listen
    and discuss our on scene actions. Until then I'll try to overlook the things that were
    said and continue to be a part of something good for the community. But there will
    come a day when this person will need help. That is when I'll find it difficult to forget
    the things this person said and did. This person lost the respect I and others had
    for him. But, when the day comes, that he makes a call for help, I must forgive, I
    must forget, I must help this person. Because, I know if I don't then I will have sunk
    to their level.

    And if I sink, then I would have forgotten what it means to be a volunteer fireman!!!!!

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    thats the way it is here in North Carolina. the folks around here say things about us that are upsetting, but when they need help they are so glad to see us when we get on the scene.
    1st Captain Joey Fowler
    Walnut Community Fire Dept.

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