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    Post Fire Chief VS Public Safety Director

    Can anyone give pros or cons on a Public Safety Director VS traditional Fire and Police Chiefs? Our city administration is trying to solve budget problems by eliminating positions and our volunteer dept. of 26 members are not in favor of this change. If this has happened to you, your comments would be appreciated.

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    It hasn't happened to me, but I cannot think of anything positive about having a public safety director lead two departments. A servant cannot serve two masters. Loooking at the trend of giving law enforcement agencies lots of $$$, I have a gut feeling that if your community did this the Fire Department would get the short end of the stick.

    If I were a taxpayer in your community, I would vote NO.

    Take care and stay safe...Lt. Gonzo

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    I have to agree with Lt. Gonzo. The jobs are so dramatically different (with some similiarities) that one person in charge of both probably wouldn't work (at least to the FD's benefit). As most of us know, when the fire service comes up against the police, the police always win. So, I feel pretty safe saying the FD would be taking a back seat.
    Stay safe.


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    We recently had a similar situation with an officer in the fire department being appointed as Police chief. He has been asked to step down from the fire position due to a conflict of interest. It is too much to ask for one person to co-ordinate that much activity. No one can handle the responsibility and one group would suffer. Usually the fire side because they are less visible than the police. Good Luck.

    Stay Safe.

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    Our Community within the Last two Years has ungone the same Change,, The City appointed a Public Safety Director to over see the Police and Fire Systems,, The Fire Dept is overseen by a Elected Chief who Answers to the Director,, The Police Dept is overseen by a Captain who answers to the Director,, The Public Safety Director who was Hired was a Vetran Police Officer and Certified F/F from outside our Community,, I also belive that if all sides are treated Fairly then one person can do Both,, The Public Safety Director responds to Both Fire and EMS Calls and acts as one of us not as a Boss,, If You remember where you came from then its not hard to see where you are going..

    Here today for a Safer Tomorrow

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