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    LMRCap1 Guest

    Wink Census counts?

    Not sure if this is a national commercial or just upper midwest. The census bureau says your local fire department may just be losing money if you don't fill out your census. I do realize some of the grants are based on population. This commercial made it sound like we are all missing out on tons of money if 1 person gets missed and we can not afford our basic eqiupment. Our money isn't based on the census ours is from good old taxes. If anyone else saw this commercial what was your thought of it.

    Les Hartford


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    NUMBY Guest


    I saw the same commercial here in KY and was kind of bothered by it to. They made it sound like the census is going to greatly affect local fire department budgets. I dont see how this would happen. All of our money comes from taxes. Maybe there is something we dont know.

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    pvfr fyrfyter Guest


    Same thing here in Nebraska. Just had to shake my head and wonder what Madison Avenue idiot got paid millions for an inaccurate commercial. We're based off taxes also.

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    Lieutenant Gonzo Guest


    I saw that commercial this evening, and it is misleading......but.....

    Maybe if people fill out and return their census 2000 forms, the Feds will finally give the fire service the same funds as they do for law enforcement. I can dream, can't I?

    Take care and stay safe...Lt. Gonzo

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    Kelly Tool Guest

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    I saw the commercial too, here in Upstate NY.I too believe it is misleading, when i saw it i went,"oh yeah right" Maybe at least it will make people aware of what we go through, with the other things that have recently happened, and decide to contribute more to us whether it be by volunteering or just coming to coming to a fund raiser. It would be interesting though to see how much and where federal funding goes for fire departments. I'd also bet that it is less than what it would seem in that commercial.

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    Bob Snyder Guest


    A federal agency lying to get what they want out of the general population...gee, who'd have expected that??

    The worst part is, this just gives people even more reason to oppose local fire taxes and/or stop sending donations. What a load of crap.

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    Steamer Guest


    I think they are referring to the CDBG (Community Development Block Grants) that are available to various communities and based upon census demographics. The ad sounds good, but I agree that it's misleading at best. I can't remember the last time that a CDBG grant was used for any FD purpose around here. It usually goes for other stuff like street repair, neighborhood reclaimation projects and similar projects. It looks like were always gonna get the scraps until we develop the same lobbying capabilities as other groups.

    Steve Gallagher
    Chillicothe (Ohio) Fire Department

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    Malcolm Guest


    I too, think the commercial is very misleading. We are a volunteer department and the only thing I have ever gotten from the feds is a used 20 year old Dodge 4X4 that we have put a lot of effort into to make a brush rig.
    IMHO it is just another way to use the good name of fire departments for marketing purposes. It would not have the same dramatic effect if it were someone fixing a street or digging a sewer line.
    Everyone sees the fire department as the good guys so lets use them to make sure everyone completes their census.
    How hypocritical can you get!

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